Exploring Aarin Asker’s sex positive side

One of the hottest names in gay porn right now, and unsurprisingly so!

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This article was published on July 30th, 2016

Exploring Aarin Asker's sex positive sideAarin Asker is one of the hottest guys who has recently entered the adult entertainment industry, and unsurprisingly so! A self confessed fitness addict he has a body to die for. The sex positive star’s enjoyment of his job is so apparent it makes for hotter than hot man on man action.

Although he was approached to work in the sex industry repeatedly, it wasn’t until Aarin Asker reached a cross roads in his life, following a break up, that he took the leap and jumped into the sex industry head first. A self confessed ‘sex positive’ person, it wasn’t just a move into enjoying sex professionally, it was more than that.

“I’ve always had an outlook on sex, as more than just sex,” said gay porn actor, Aarin Asker. “Politically, culturally, I learned at an early age to be sexually open. I was always positive on sexual culture. I don’t like the stigma that’s associated with this. It should not be stigmatized or demonized.”

His sex positive attitude comes through in his work, which allows him to explore his own sexuality and desires. when asked if he had any regrets about getting involved in the trade he responded: “No, not at all, every day is a learning opportunity”.

A self confessed Daddy’s Boy, both on and off screen, Aarin Asker is known for playing roles that cast him as a sub-bottom. When asked about piss play he called it: “almost carnal, hyper masculinity. Marking something that is yours.”.

It’s clearly apparent that his job is more than just a job. It’s about challenging stigmas, normalising healthy sexual curiosities and learning about yourself while doing so.

“Being outside the norm,” is how Aarin Asker describes his sexuality. “To me, that is sex. You’re using your mind, intellect, body, politics.”

Perhaps his success in the adult entertainment industry is also down to his total likeability and his friendly demeanor, and approachable attitude. He has repeatedly stated how much he enjoys meeting new people, and actively encourages everyone to come and say hi to him if they see him. “If they happen to be hot daddies, then it’s icing on the cupcake,” said Aarin Asker.

A seasoned veteran, with no plans to retire any time soon (thankfully!), he has some words of advice for those of you looking to get into the sex industry:

“Ask a lot of questions to people who have been in the industry for a long time, and listen to them. Surround yourself by good people, be yourself, be brave enough and have enough self respect. You can push your limits. Know you can say “no” and be comfortable with that. Know that it’s ok to set your boundaries if you need to.

“Have a fucking ball doing it!”

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3 thoughts on “Exploring Aarin Asker’s sex positive side

  1. sxg

    He’s awesome and his positive personality really comes across in every one of his scenes! I only wish he did more fisting scenes!

    BTW, I think I know the guy who he broke up with that ultimately led Aarin to do porn. It’s more than likely Tyce Jax’s current/ex boyfriend. If you didn’t know, Tyce beat the crap out of him and now I think he’s still in jail for it.

  2. J white

    Jesse Karson is my ultimate poz role model. He has the ability to make you want to engage in unsafe anal sex. His sex appeal encourages me to get fucked bareback and if I could have chosen my poz breeder it would be Jesse. My dream is to feel him shoot his poz load deep in my butt. I absolutely would let him do anything to me and use me for his own lustful pleasure or direct me to get fucked by guys he chooses weather or not I am in to those guys. Just for the thrill of feeling him repot my hole.