How to create the ultimate summer fitness program you’ll love!

Go from flab to fab in no time.

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This article was published on August 11th, 2016

Summer is well and truly under-way and the manscaped and mansculpted are out in force. If heading down to your local hangout leaves you feeling a little more flab than fab do not worry. Here are the basics you need to know about creating your own fitness program to get you in hot shape in no time.

How to create the ultimate summer fitness program you’ll love!

Step one: Set realistic goals and stick to them

Make time in your day to work out, no matter what. Prioritise and even if you don’t feel like exercising, keep your mind firmly on your goals and push through. Some days you will feel great, some days it will be a struggle but consistency is key. Aim for 45 minutes a day with one rest day a week, alternate daily between weights and cardio.

Step two: Figuring out cardio

For cardio pick a few activities you enjoy to keep it varied, go for a hike or a run, swim, surf, row. Whatever you enjoy to make sure you keep up with it. It’s important to keep your cardio varied so you don’t develop too much muscle memory and reduce the effectiveness of your exercise. If you only enjoy one activity try to vary what you do with it. For example, if you love running trying different tracks, speeds, inclines and distances will keep your fitness developing.

Step three: Come up with a weight routine

For the highest impact stick to rounds of three sets of ten. If it’s too easy increase the weights, too hard decrease them. For a short workout do one round of legs, one of arms and one of shoulders/back. For example, weighted squats (legs), bench press (arms), pull ups (shoulder/back). For a longer workout do two rounds of each. Make sure to vary these and mix them up every day. Keep your own list of exercises for each area and change regularly to maximise impact.

Step four: Consistency

The most important thing is to keep it up, make sure you are doing your fitness program every day. No matter how unmotivated you feel just force yourself do get your 45 minutes done. This will have you well on your way to your summer body in no time!

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