The top five white wines to look out for this summer

The perfect wines to celebrate a glorious summer.

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This article was published on August 22nd, 2016

This summer, why not wow your guests with some white wines that are just perfectly matched to the situation. If you know your wines and want to try some new ones, or aren’t overly confident in wine selection here are five fantastic white wine picks to help lubricate the passage of this glorious summer.

The best for a BBQ:

Charles Baker Stratus Riesling 2012: Starting off the list with one from the home country, this Riesling, fresh out of Niagara will go down an absolute treat at any BBQ. The very light bodied wine starts with a mouthful of Niagara and stone fruit flavours, moving into a softer honey taste and leaving a lingering sharp apple after taste. With a floral bouquet and a touch of delicious acidity this is the ideal BBQ wine, serve ice cold!

The best to impress:

Muga Barrel Fermented White 2011: This Spanish white is bound to be a crowd pleaser and will give the sommeliers and connoisseurs among your social group something to drool over. Fermented in French oak barrels and then aged for three months it is dry and refreshing with delicious apple and lily flavours coming through.

For a light evening salad dinner:

2009 Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Blanc: Slightly on the dry side, but with an undertone of peachy sweetness this wine is perfectly refreshing and compliments any seafood, goats cheese or white meat salad expertly. Its light flavours don’t overpower more subtle tastes and its dangerous drinkability makes it the perfect partner to a casual evening dinner al fresco.

Best for socialising:

2013 Jericho Fiano, Adelaide Hills: An Australian wine, this one truly excels in being both interesting and going down dangerously easily. Perhaps one of the most drinkable Australian whites, this complex wine has a bouquet full of honey, smoke and spices whilst the flavour has a subtle sweet undertone and not a hint of sharpness to it. Best enjoyed sitting outside, catching up with friends on a warm summers evening.

Best for bubbles:

Henry of Pelham Cuvée Catharine Brut: Starting as we began, with a Canadian entry, this sparkling wine is truly superb. Named sparkling wine of the year in 2012 at the Canadian wine awards, it is little wonder this has made it to the list. With a clove and pear nose and a sweet honey finish, it is not too crisp, medium in depth and perfectly matched with pretty much anything that calls for celebration!

So there you have it, the five perfect wines to see you through the remainder of the summer, enjoy with reckless ease and abandon!

The top five white wines to look out for this summer

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