How to reflect the seasons within your own home

Make small changes to meet the mood of the changing seasons.

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This article was published on September 3rd, 2016

Style is all about coordinating the details, the accessory here, the subtle tone match there. The key to outstanding interior design is in the detail; the small, often overlooked item can be the fundamental element in taking a room from nice to stunning. One of the most important and often ignored ways to do this is to ensure that your interior reflects each of the seasons. What better way to ensure perfect and seamless coordination than to match your interior, to nature’s exterior?

Now of course we aren’t saying redecorate the house with the change of every season, we aren’t saying don’t do it, excessive commitment to interior design is never a bad thing, but it’s not necessary. Just follow our simple tips for each of the seasons to ensure your interior style goes above and beyond to meet Mother Nature’s mood.

How to reflect the seasons within your own home


Think earthy spring colours, lots of greens and browns with splashes of yellow. Spring is the season of freshness, life and nature, bring this into your home with plenty of wild flowers, bouquets of bluebells, buttercups and daisies in small glass milk bottles and fresh lavender to keep your house smelling sweet.

How to reflect the seasons within your own home


Summer is life in full swing. It’s about being outside and fully immersing yourself in natures gift of fantastic weather. Bring this gift inside with lots of bright colours, yellows and lime greens, emerald blues and hot pinks. Contrast the splashes of colour with whites to keep a cooling fresh feeling going on. Go for big and bold floral arrangements, water features where possible and open windows.

autumn interior design


Fall is all about getting the last of the warmth out of the end of summer and gearing up with cosiness for the winter. Think lots of deep reds and browns, big heavy blankets, thick lush rugs, bare wood where possible and spicy autumnal fruit fragrances. Replace summer flower bouquets with striking bare branches and fiery red leaves and focus on capturing the comforting warmth of a fall home.

How to reflect the seasons within your own home


Get those candles out to enhance the cosy winter mood, fill your home with delicious winter smells like citrus and clove pot pourri and pull out the cool winter coloured table clothes and place mats. Think blues and whites, nudes and creams, keep the colours light to brighten up your home but cool and wintery to match the outdoor mood.

And there you have it, some simple tips to coordinating your home to the seasons of change.

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