Hanky code: the good, the bad, the downright naughty

Your guide to the gay hanky code.

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This article was published on September 7th, 2016

If someone gave you the ability to instantly see which guys were into the same kink and fuckering that you were, would you not take immediate advantage and go cruising quicker than Dorothy snapped up those sparkly reds?! If your answer to that is no than you need read no further, if your answers is a resounding ‘YES!’ then read on friends. Here are the answers to all your questions, well maybe not all of them, but certainly to the above. For those looking for lust, seek and you shall find, bow down and worship the god that is the inventor of: The Hanky Code.

The hanky code, shorthand for the handkerchief code, is a universal colour coding system through which you can display your deepest sexual desires. Originally a way to show your homosexual tendencies, it has evolved into a way to express specific interests and fantasies. Ranging from the basic, through to the brutal, the colour code is a fast track way to getting what you want.

Handkerchiefs can be worn on the wrist, pocket, through a belt loop or anywhere on the body really, but be aware that the side matters. Placing hanky’s on the left indicates you are a top whereas placing said hanky on the right tells your potential partners you are a bottom. Unfortunately, there is no one tell all guide to the hanky code, colours vary regionally and among different gay communities. That being said, there are some that are fairly universal. For the sake of ease of reading, and also, because who doesn’t love a list that’s ordered based on level of sheer filth, here are a few of the most common hanky codes, grouped into the good, the bad and downright naughty.

The Gay Hanky Code

The good:

For those with the more vanilla taste buds among us, these are the ones you want to look out for. These colours tend to be the most universal of all and are the ones you are most likely to spot.

  • Dark blue: Anal sex
  • Light blue: Oral sex
  • Light pink: Dildo
  • White velvet: Voyeur
  • Netting: Outdoors
  • Orange: Open to anything
  • Back and white chequered: Safe sex

The bad:

Those who like a little more kink in their private life should keep their eyes peeled for these colours:

  • Black: Heavy S&M
  • Red: Fisting
  • Yellow: Watersports
  • Dark pink: Nipple torture
  • Lavender: A penchant for drag queens
  • Coral: Likes toes

The downright naughty:

For those who like to get into the hard and heavy look no further than for these colours:

  • Dark red: Double fisting
  • Brown: Scat
  • White w. multicoloured dots: Orgy
  • Kleenex: Stink
  • Maroon: Cuts
  • Puce: Bruising

So there’s your introduction to the hanky code. Now take your new found knowledge and go forth and consummate your love of shared interests. Have fun, spread your seed but as ever, stay safe!

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