Fairmont Empress; a new era of modern luxury

A new era of modern luxury while respecting its grand history.

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This article was published on September 11th, 2016

The Fairmont Empress is an iconic part of the skyline of Victoria’s inner harbour, and like all icons it is making sure to maintain its ever splendid appearance with a complete makeover, inside and out. The landmark hotel, which epitomises timeless luxury, is undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation that will transform the historic property. The renovations will maintain the elegance and splendour of the hotel’s history while modernising it and bringing it into the 21st century with the same timeless style it has always embodied.

Fairmont Empress; a new era of modern luxury

The renovations will see the entire hotel, interior and exterior, undergo a major transformation and is a comprehensive restoration project that will see the historic property emerge into the next chapter of its history as one of the most elegant destinations in the region. The hotel has seen many renovations over its lifetime, the addition of modern amenities such as plumbing have made sure the building has always provided the best for its guests in each of its 464 guest rooms. This transformation, however, is unlike any it has undergone before.

Fairmont Empress; a new era of modern luxury

The entire hotel will see extensive renovations, evolving into a new era of modern luxury with brand new state of the art amenities. Rooms will be stripped down and re-imagined, bathrooms will see white marble, plush linens and the top of the range luxury toiletries Fairmont is knows for. The key design focus for all the renovations is to respect the grand history of the hotel while providing top of the line amenities and ultimate convenience for each and every guest. Think beautiful vintage-style alarm clocks, and bedside tables each with two USB plugins and two power outlets at bed side level. No more hunting around behind nightstands and unplugging clocks and laps to get a plug-in to charge your electronics; enjoy the ultimate convenience of a luxury hotel designed for the modern, tech-toting traveller.

Fairmont Empress; a new era of modern luxury

Phase 1 is already complete and welcomed the public in June 2016 with the opening of the Q, a new restaurant and bar complimented with a stunning terrace overlooking the inner harbour. One of the most beautiful spots to enjoy views of the harbour over a drink or dinner. The stunning new lobby has also been completed as well as the fully equipped health club. The most noticeable change, however, is the exterior of the hotel. The ivy has been completely removed due to the damage it has inflicted on the buildings stone and masonry exterior; now completely exposed is the delicate stonework, beautiful architecture, and the new roof creating a striking contrast. And not to worry, the new roof will soon oxidise and return to its signature green-roof glory it is well-known for.

Fairmont Empress; a new era of modern luxury

With plenty of great fall packages available there is no better time than the present to enjoy the timeless historic luxury of the Fairmont Empress. With regular transport from Vancouver (BC Ferries, HeliJet, Harbour Air, and more), and Washington State (Clipper, Coho ferry, float plane), it’s easy to get to, and with the fall rates, incredibly affordable. Make your booking at the Fairmont Empress today!

Victoria, B.C. inner harbour.

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