Supplements to help you achieve your fitness goals

Which supplements will help you to achieve your fitness goals?

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This article was published on September 12th, 2016

The internet is saturated with information about which supplements to use in order to achieve your fitness goals. The problem is that this kind of information isn’t relevant to everybody, every individual has different fitness goals in mind and requires different supplements in order to reach them. It can be like navigating a minefield to try to understand which information is relevant to you, luckily, we are here to help. The best way to select which supplements you require is to choose those that are best suited to getting you to your fitness goals, here are some recommendations for supplements to help you to reach these.

Goal: Weight loss

Taking a magnesium supplement after completing a workout has been shown to drastically increase your bodies ability to burn fat. Chelates are more easily absorbed than salts so for maximum efficiency, stick to these.

Goal: Mental strength

One of the most important, but most often overlooked elements of a fitness programme is mental strength. Without it, you are destined to fail. Make sure you are keeping yourself happy and positive by incorporating plenty of ‘me time’ into your life and having a healthy work life balance. Topping up your brain juice with Omega-3 supplements has also been shown to dramatically boost your brain power and ability to concentrate and be motivated. Introduce these into your daily routine and you’ll be more focused than ever on achieving your goals.

Goal: Improve Cardio workouts

Cardio requires large amounts of energy, if you find yourself struggling to get through a workout, or are feeling overly lethargic, consider introducing an astaxanthin supplement into your morning routine. Often found in seafood, scientists have suggested that we don’t obtain nearly enough of this energy enhancing nutrient for us to benefit from it. When taken as a supplement it can improve both energy and endurance and have a positive impact on your cardio workouts.

Goal: General well being

As far as a good all rounder goes, your best bet is a multivitamin. If your feeling a little sluggish, picking up illnesses more than usual or just generally feeling off but can’t put your finger on it, take a once a day multivitamin and see if that helps put you back on top. Just make sure it contains minerals as our bodies don’t create minerals and if you are lacking in just one it can be incredibly difficult to reach your fitness goals.

Of course, every individual is different and every diet is different, it could be that you don’t need to take supplements or that your diet is desperately lacking in something that causes you to struggle to achieve your goals. The best advice we can give is to use the above information as a starting point and work with your doctor or trainer to trial different supplements and figure out what works best for you. Health and fitness is an on-going journey in which you are constantly figuring out how best to respond to your ever changing needs.

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