Leather is the new black: Your new Nomad leather iPhone case

Leather is the new black: Your new iPhone case

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This article was published on September 14th, 2016

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, style is all about the detail. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing the nicest cut, most on trend suit in the world, if your accessories aren’t up to scratch it will show. As we move forward into a more sustainable world, planned obsolescence is moving out and better buying practices are coming in. Changing accessories as often as you change your underwear is no longer the done thing, instead its about making thoughtful purchases of timeless pieces that are designed to last.

Leather is the new black: Your new Nomad leather iPhone case

While most people put thought into their wallets, they often overlook probably their most used accessory, their iPhone case. The iPhone is designed to be used, and used often. Constantly out and in full view of judgemental eyes, it is important to consider the image that your phone case projects. The majority of budget, low cost iPhone cases are poorly designed and will fall apart quickly, requiring you to repurchase. They begin to look shabby and worn within a short time frame and don’t project a positive and stylish look. When you are choosing an iPhone case, think ultimate sophistication, something that is going to set you apart and showcase your personal elegance and class. Just like your other accessories this is an investment in style. When other people are drinking $10 bottles of wine from a wine glass a true connoisseur drinks burgundy from crystal steam wear, and when other people are encasing their phone in shabby, cheap plastic, a true style connoisseur goes for leather. Leather is a timeless material that reflects true elegance, style and class and has done for centuries. Durable, beautiful and easy to coordinate, leather is the material of choice for anyone wanting to elevate his or her personal style to the next level.

Leather is the new black: Your new Nomad leather iPhone case

Enter, the Nomad leather case. A handsome and rich leather iPhone case that oozes style and sophistication, it is produced by Horween Leather Co., which is one of America’s oldest and most renowned tanneries. Carefully crafted and designed to protect your most valuable communication tool, it is sophisticated yet discrete. There is no flashy or loud logo on the outside of this case, just simple, elegant, high quality leather that speaks for itself. It has an incredible ergonomic design that makes for a case that will protect your phone from all of the daily stresses of its use, with an impeccable, laser precise cut case made out of polycarbonate shell, wrapped in premium leather and with the buttons carefully moulded into the design, it will keep your phone thoroughly protected. The interior is lined with microfiber to ensure maximum protection, should you drop your phone, while minimising the bulkiness of many other cases on the market.

The true beauty of this case is not only the high quality leather or top of the range design; it lies in its durability. Not only is leather a material that lasts, it ages well and over time, a patina will emerge which will create a unique, custom and wonderful case that is unique to you. It is one of the only cases you can buy that gets better with age.

Leather is the new black: Your new Nomad leather iPhone case

Your iPhone is a part of everyday life, it is the most used, most visible and most important accessory that you own so it should be proudly encased in a case designed to be admired. At only $51.99 CAD the Nomad case is great value, so choose a case that reflects how sexy, refined and sophisticated you are, choose a Nomad leather iPhone case.

The Nomad leather iPhone case is currently available for iPhone 6/6s or 6/6s plus, with iPhone 7/7s, and 7/7s Plus set to be released later this month.

Get your own Nomad leather iPhone case today!

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