Fort Troff heavy weight ass lock

Lock your butt up.

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This article was published on September 27th, 2016

Fort Troff heavy weight ass lockWhen it comes to the world of adult toys you would think, what with the never ending demand, there would be a plethora of well designed, highly functional and wonderfully explosive toys on the market. This has, however, not ended up being the case. Sure there are hundred of thousands of providers of said toys out there with more variations than you could shake a stick at, but there are always compromises. It’s rare to find toys that fulfil every function you need them too whilst being well made, ergonomically designed, versatile, durable and aesthetically pleasing. So when we do find one, we get incredibly overexcited and most definitely feel the need to do plenty of sharing.

Enter: the Fort Troff heavy weight ass lock.

Fort Troff already ranks up there as being one of the best go to providers of all thinks kinky and fun. Not only are their toys impeccably designed and tested to ensure maximum pleasure, they come with a satisfaction guarantee which, along with their stellar customer service, really does ensure that they are one of the top choices when it comes great adult toy providers.

Fort Troff heavy weight ass lock

For those who enjoy participating in a bit of ass play, the Fort Troff heavy weight ass lock is really something that you need to add to your collection ASAP. A combined ass lock and cock ring, it’s utterly the perfect tool for both solo and buddy play. The stretch silicone exterior allows for effortless insertion and removal, and has the added bonus of being super easy to keep clean as well as making for a durable and lasting toy. The steel ball adds a weighted quality that gives an extra full feeling and the silicone ring creates for a comfortable yet tight fitting cock ring to allow the wearer to go for longer than ever. The combination of great design and great materials creates a toy that is just perfect for any lover of anal fun.

Fort Troff heavy weight ass lock

The butt-cherry-popping icing on the cake is that it’s an incredible butt play toy, but it’s also a literal charitable act! Total guilt free pleasure all around. The toy is part of the Tom of Finland collection and a portion of the purchase price of each one sold goes to support the Tom of Finland foundation. Tom, of Tom of Finland, was a pioneer of homoerotic art and the foundation continues his work in promoting and protecting homoerotic art in all its forms, as well as promoting healthier, more open and more tolerant attitudes to sexuality and homoeroticism.

So go forth, indulge, lock your butt up, with the all new Fort Troff heavy weight ass lock!

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