Pam Ann to perform at the Whistler Pride and Ski Festival

The comedy show you won't want to miss.

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This article was published on September 28th, 2016

Pam Ann to perform at the Whistler Pride and Ski FestivalSince the dawn of the gay pride movement, the world has learnt that gays do more than just be gay. The gay community has also developed and evolved from simple meetings of just being gay to incorporating other activities, such as skiing, of course!

This January will see the return of Canada’s largest winter pride event: The Whistler Pride and Ski Festival, and it is set to be a snowstorm of an event. A full week of incredible entertainment, amazing ski events, fabulous parties and an utterly breath-taking array of things to keep even the most easily unamused minds occupied.

One of the many highlights of the week long event is the live performance by the one and only, Pam Ann.

For those of you not in the know, Pam Ann is the airhostess alter ego of Australian born comedienne/writer/producer Caroline Reid. Completely politically incorrect, incredibly scathing and with a camp comedic edge most often associated with drag comedy, she delivers a dark, witty and brilliantly funny performance that has earned her a cult following.

Pam Ann (the name being a play on Pan Am – the defunked American airline), started off life as the main one of Caroline Reid’s many air hostess characters and eventually took on a whole life of her own. Developing a cutting style of humour based around aviation she entertains audiences with her own unique brand of comedy. She has starred in her own television show (The Pam Ann show), entertained Elton John on his private plane by special request, done performances for JetBlue, advertisements for both Scandinavian Airlines and British Airways, and accompanied Cher on her farewell tour. With devoted fans the likes of Madonna, you know she comes well recommended and is sure to go down a storm this Whistler Pride and Ski Festival.

Performing live on January 25th tickets for Pam Ann Snow Landing at Whistler Pride and Ski Festival start from $40 for cattle class and $100 for first class seating. Make sure to not miss the exclusive after party at the CABN and check out Gay Whistler’s website for amazing early bird discounts for tickets.

Not at all for the faint hearted or easily offended, for those who enjoy a darker and more wicked style of humour, this is one show you definitely don’t want to be missing!

Pam Ann Snow Landing Whistler Winter Pride & Ski Festival


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