Ultimate gear for the ultimate pig look

Put together the ultimate pig look with Fort Troff.

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This article was published on October 5th, 2016

Ultimate Fort Troff gear for the ultimate pig lookYou’re a pig. You like all things filthy and take whatever you’re given. Putting together a look that makes a statement that you are a pig sends the message out to other like-minded individuals and can attract either the right or wrong participants depending on the items you choose so choose wisely. Make a statement that you are a pig with a look that is ready for the bedroom, bathhouse, circuit party, pride event, or street fair.

Here is a short list of the items from Fort Troff that you need to get today to put together the ultimate pig look.

Neoprene Harness: The Fort Troff neoprene harness is the ideal starting point for any pig. With four snaps to adjust to create a perfect fit, this harness will allow you to be grabbed, thrown, strapped and pulled around and treated in a way fitting for a pig. A bulldog harness like this will show off your chest by pushing on your pecks.

They also have a great collection of other vinyl bulldog harnesses in a variety of colours.

Grunt logo wrist band: Made of industrial rubber (easy to clean!), this wristband will send out the exact right signal with its chevron pig logo. Literally wear your preference on your sleeve and ensure you are getting the attention of the right people.

Ultimate Fort Troff gear for the ultimate pig lookFort Troff Grunt socks: So you thought socks were just socks? How wrong you were! These bad boys are perfectly designed to be durable, high quality athletic socks that also make your calves look insanely good. With the chevron pig logo front and centre, send out the right signals while maximising all of your assets.

Fort Troff Grunt underwear: One of the most important components of any pig look is having the right underwear. Fort Troff went to the same place that makes Under Armour to design even better grunt underwear! These are sure to have you looking your best while serving your ever need. Choose from classic boxer briefs with breathable mesh to keep you fresh while looking exceptional, jocks to keep you supported but providing easy access for those requiring it, or boxer jocks for a combination of the two! All with hot designs, amazing fits, and colour combinations to suit any outfit.

Ultimate Fort Troff gear for the ultimate pig look

Fort Troff Grunt mask: The absolute single hottest pig accessory, the grunt mask creates a seriously hot pig look. Finish off any outfit and create the ultimate pig look with this, and it comes with a badass guarantee or your money back!

Fort Troff is the number one provider of gay sex toys in the USA and for good reason. Check out the links to get everything you need to put together your ultimate pig look.

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