7 signs that your relationship is nearing an end

It can be hard to acknowledge your relationship is over.

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This article was published on October 12th, 2016

Human beings are sociable creatures. Many thrive in relationships and like the security and comfort of having a significant other. Relationships can be lovely and wonderful when they are healthy, but not all relationships are meant to last forever. Some relationships are short term ones and, while this doesn’t invalidate them, it is possible to learn and take something from all relationships. The best thing to do is to walk away while you can still part on good terms. This is easier said than done. When in a relationship you want to make it work. Putting a lot of effort into relationships and leaving them is never easy. It is far too easy to ignore the warning signs and stay in unhealthy relationships. Here are some iron clad warning signs to watch out for to give you a heads up that your relationship may be drawing to a close:

1. The little things taper off

While relationships can’t maintain the same level of excitement and fireworks that they have at the beginning, this doesn’t mean that the little gestures stopping is normal. If you stop offering to make a coffee for your partner when you make one for yourself or don’t think about picking them up their favourite chocolate bar as a surprise gift every once and while chances are the romance is fizzling out and it may be time to consider what will be left once its totally gone.

2. You stop trying to resolve and compromise

Instead of trying to solve issues and talk about them you grow increasingly impatient and snappy. Long term, this can lead to resentment, consider at this point whether its best to walk away while you can still salvage a friendship.

3. You are relieved when they cancel on you

You stop being sad about last minute cancellations and instead are relieved, looking forward to spending an evening on your own.

4. One or both of you starts picking fights

You grow increasingly frustrated with your partner and, instead of vocalising it, being to pick fights about the things that previously didn’t bother you.

5. You stop talking about the future

Because, deep down you know you don’t have one. You stop discussing things about the future together and making plans. One of the biggest and most easy to spot signs, if you are having doubts, sit down and have a long hard think about your future. Does it excite you? Are you happy in it? Can you even see it?

6. You start seeking attention elsewhere

A key indicator that something is seriously wrong. If you, or your partner, is seeking sexual validation elsewhere, even just flirting more than usual, then pay heed to the alarm bells that should be ringing. 

7. You gut is telling you something is wrong

If your gut is telling you something is wrong, then changes are, something is wrong. Too many people ignore gut instinct because they don’t want to think about the possibility that something they got so much happiness out of initially, is over. Your gut doesn’t lie though; listen to it!

It can be hard to acknowledge your relationship is over. Both you and your partner deserve happiness and by staying in an unhappy relationship you are depriving both of you that opportunity. Be honest with yourself and take heed of the warning signs.

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