9 quick tips to refresh your home

Redesign your living space to be a vibrant, fresh and bold.

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This article was published on October 19th, 2016

There is no excuse to have tired and drab interiors. With the plethora of advice available and no shortage of cheap, easy quick fix ideas, it is time to forever banish ugly homes and live up to the reputation of LGBT people as being pioneers in all things style. For those who have not yet caught up, or those who just need an interior design refresh, here are 9 quick tips of super easy and quick ways to refresh your home:

9 quick tips to refresh your home

  1. Pillows

A snappy way to change the focus of your home, grab some bold new pillows and instantly refresh your living area.

  1. Furniture rearrange

Zero cost! Change the energy of your room by moving your furniture around. Create a new flow through and switch it up. Change the focus of your living room, the atmosphere of the dining area or even the zen of your bedroom.

  1. Add a splash of colour

Go daring and be bold; get some bright, block colour dining chairs, a luminous sofa, even just a new set of tea towels or bathroom towels. Instantly uplift a room by adding a splash of your favourite colour.

  1. De-clutter

Another freebie, go through everything in your home, if you haven’t used it in the last six months, it’s time to get rid of it. Also a great way to cleanse; remove anything that has a negative connotation. Presents from an ex? Reminders of a toxic friendship? Toss ‘em and enjoy a new, positive vibe in your home.

  1. New bedding

There is no better way to makeover a bedroom than with a brand spanking new bedding, go exciting and outrageous. Connect to your inner sex kitten and get bedding that reflects your deepest desires, think textures, patterns, colours and shapes.

  1. Get a new light

Lights are the focal point of any room, changing them up can change the atmosphere totally. Got a dull spot you think needs brightening? Or maybe a bright spot you think could use a bit of dim ambience lighting? Go through your home with a critical eye and redesign your lighting to suit your current needs.

  1. Add plants

Think big, green, and tropical. The bigger the better, pick a theme and hand select the plants and flowers to go with it, a few carefully selected plants will totally change the look and feel of any home.

  1. Statement wall

Such a simple concept and yet so easy to do wrong, far to many people think a statement wall consists of a full wall of kitch and tacky wallpaper but they are sorely mistaken. It needs to be a carefully planned section of a room, designed to be a good background piece but not takeover. Think sections of wall, pillars, disused fireplaces or behind backless bookshelves. Be creative with the pattern, go for famous works of art, city backdrops, risqué wallpapers or pop culture pieces.

  1. Re-purpose your bookshelves

Bookshelves  no longer need to be for simply holding books in any order. Sort them by colour for an instant update or get rid of them completely and arrange carefully planned towels, ornaments, glasses, crockery etc. Anything you have lying around can turn a functional bookshelf into an aesthetically pleasing one!

With these in mind, go forth and redesign your living space to be a vibrant, fresh and bold space full of positive energy that you will be proud to host visitors in!

9 quick tips to refresh your home

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