4 major autumn fashion trends you need to get in on

The hottest four fashion trends to look out for this autumn.

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This article was published on November 7th, 2016

Fall is well underway and for those who haven’t updated your wardrobes it is time to bid farewell to summer and embrace all things fall and fabulous. HomoCulture recently caught up to renowned Vancouver fashionista, Josh Langston, to find out what is hot and on point for autumn fashion trends.

Vancouver fashionista Josh Langston

Men's copper fashion“I would say copper, sleek slouchy trousers, funnel necks, and embellished bombers, would be the ones I would be pushing,” were the words of wisdom offered by Josh Langston. So with this in mind, here are the hottest four fashion trends on Josh’s list that you need to look out for this fall.


Fall colours are classically reds, oranges, browns and yellows, the classic autumnal hues. This year the fashion world has taken a twist on these classic colours and opted for copper. Slightly worn and well-weathered shades of copper have become the go to neutral tone for this fall season. When incorporating copper into your wardrobe, don’t think accessory, think base colour, go chunky knits, well-tailored items, and big blocks of it.

Slouchy PantsSleek slouchy trousers

After too many seasons of trousers getting skinnier and skinnier the fashion world has finally decided we are going to go the other way. This autumn will see the advent of slouchy trousers. Still sleek, still fitted and tailored, but the hems will be loosening up a little bit. Think fitted waists (elasticated is showing a bit of a come back!), and looser at the thighs and hems, finally a trend that will work best for the non-skinny among us!

Funnel necks

Turtlenecks are a classic look, chic, European and immediately making that outfit a little bit smarter. The next step is the funnel neck and it is well on its way in. Think a turtleneck without the roll. For maximum impact, pair with a great pair of blue jeans and a well fitting jacket.

Funnel Necks

Embellished bombers

Bomber jackets have weathered the decades and are here to stay. The trend shows no signs of slowing down and has, as all long term trends do, started to develop in its own right. This autumn will see embellished bombers strutting the runways. The play on textured and materials has already started; now think badges, embroidery and daring trims. Keep your eyes open this fall for the bomber with that little bit extra!

Embellished Bomber

So now you know the four key trends to keep in mind when perfecting your autumn wardrobe. Whether you want to be an early adopter or wait until they are a little more established is entirely up to you but rest assured, these trends are hitting the streets and catwalks.

Designers, fashionistas, and divas, do you have an autumn fashion tip you want to share? Leave your ideas in the comments section below.

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