Donald Trump elected President: why the American LGBT community should be concerned

What does Donald Trump's election mean for the LGBT community?

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This article was published on November 9th, 2016

2016 has been a turbulent year. Brexit, the death of Prince and Bowie and, the fusion of embroidery and bomber jackets onto the fall fashion scene. But when Americans went to the polls, they voted to elect Donald Trump as their President and Commander in Chief.

Donald Trump elected President of the United States

Americans have just elected a bigoted, arrogant, and prejudiced man to lead their country. However, when Americans went to the polls, they used their vote as a clear sign they wanted change in the direction their country was going in. The American people are looking for something new, different, and a leader who doesn’t have political experience.

What does this mean for the LGBT community in the United States?

Donald Trump is nothing short of intolerant. His views are out-dated. He has been openly been homophobic and transphobic. Towards the end of his campaign for the race to the White House, he made efforts to re-align himself with more moderate views on the LGBT community. It was clearly a strategic campaign move to shift the LGBT vote, or at least send a signal of tolerance, hoping to bridge a relationship in the future.

Donald Trump elected President of the United States

Looking at the facts, there are a number of issues that cannot be ignored. The American LGBT community should be concerned about a future with Donald Trump taking the reins of the United States Presidency.

Gay Marriage

Donald Trump has, in the past, publicly opposed gay marriage laws. He has also been quoted as saying that he would appoint justices who would overrule marriage equality laws. In fact he was also quoted in a 2011 interview as saying that gay couples should not receive the same benefits as married straight ones.

Transgender Bathroom Rights

A point of huge contention in recent times, the rights of transgender people to use the bathrooms of their gender identity. Trump has openly stated that he thinks this should be left up to the states to decide, so has no intention of making any attempt to safe guard the rights of the trans-gender community.

FADA – First Amendment Defence Act

FADA will allow anyone to discriminate towards LGBT people as long as their reason is grounded in the religious beliefs. This gives total free reign to open discrimination and will undo any anti discrimination laws set up to protect us. Trump has said unequivocally that he will sign this act into play.

Anti-muslim sentiment

Trump has without doubt or sugar coating, expressed his anti Islamic attitudes and his belief that they should be banned from entering the United States. Now he has passed this off as being for the benefit of the LGBT community, as apparently most homophobia happens from Muslims. The vast majority of religious based hate crimes and psychological trauma to our communities comes from the Christian church, not Islam.

If Donald Trump can get away with being this openly prejudiced to such a large segment of people, it stands to prove there would be no stopping him from doing it to other groups, including the LGBT community. When one minority is being persecuted, it allows others to follow suit.

What Donald Trump intends to do, or not do, to the LGBT community is yet to be seen. Whatever happens in the future, the LGBT community will stand together, as they always have, in the face of prejudice and ignorance. The LGBT community will fight, with pride, dignity, and resilience, for the equal rights and freedoms deserved by all.

If it doesn’t work out, you can always apply to immigrate to Canada, where Justin Trudeau and Canadians will welcome you with open arms, in a country that firmly believes in love, acceptance, tolerance, diversity, rights, and freedoms.

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