Diaper fetish: What is it, and could you be into it?

It is not at all as rare as you think.

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This article was published on November 17th, 2016

Diaper Fetish‘Diaper fetish’ can invoke some fairly interesting responses. As far as fetishes go, it isn’t one of the easiest to understand or to relate to. The important thing to bear in mind, when considering it, is that it is absolutely nothing to do with children or any kind of desire towards them. When learning a friend or partner has a diaper fetish, it can be a tough one to get your head around, the important thing is to not make them feel ashamed, be open minded, and to listen.

A diaper fetish, like most fetishes, can encompass many things ranging from simply wearing a diaper or watching someone else wear one, to taking on a full infant role. At the latter end of the spectrum, it ceases to be a sexual act, and when done with a partner, becomes an act of role-play. The ‘baby’ takes on the role and is cared for by the ‘parent’, more often than not without a single sexual element to the exchange. Some people fully embrace the purpose of the diaper by using it for its intended use; soiling.

Diaper FetishLike may being depraved, fetishes often have a therapeutic effect on participants. Most people who have a diaper fetish started at a very young age, often shortly after potty training, which makes sense when you consider it as a way to hold onto a time of less responsibility. Humans need care. We all need an outlet and a way to relinquish responsibility for a short time and just focus on ourselves. Some people drink, some play sports, some get manicures and some revert to a time when this was our natural state: infanthood.

Interested in further exploring this type of fetish? It is not at all as rare as you think. Check out local forums, group meets and online business catering to this fetish for more tips and advice on how and where to connect with local adults who are into a bit of diaper play as well. Try out different groups and make sure you explore all the options available because there are many different elements to a diaper fetish and it’s important to find the one that suits your needs and wants.

Interested in partaking a little in your own time? Most pharmacies now carry adult size diapers. You can also order from online fetish sites, which ship in discreet packaging and offer a wider range of styles and options.

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