10 activities to help your relationship weather the winter

Keep your relationship fresh, happy, and thriving.

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This article was published on November 20th, 2016

Relationships will always have highs and lows. They go through ups and downs, and are simultaneously beautiful and wonderful, while being unimaginably irritating and infuriating. After the highs of summer flings, fall is the time to settle down in a serious relationship. Making it through the long winter months together can be really tough. With less choice of activity, more time spent indoors in close confines, and without the natural chirpiness and optimist that summer provides it takes more to keep your relationship thriving and strong.

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There are plenty of great activities to help your relationship weather the winter, to keep your relationship fresh, happy, and thriving.

  1. Snow shoeing

Snow shoeing is easy to learn, a fun way to keep fit and active. Frolicking in the snow is really romantic, and if you get really cold, you’ll have to find a creative way to warm up together.

  1. Sleigh ride

Set a romantic winter mood with a sleigh ride, wrapped up in a cozy blanket through a winder wonderland. Don’t forget to bring along candy canes and a flask!

  1. Ice skating

Fight the winter blues while showing off your skills and burning calories. Even if you have never skated before, it’s a fun way to spend some time together, trying new things.

  1. The ultimate hot chocolate

Gather ingredients and make the ultimate hot chocolate together from scratch. Cream, cinnamon, marshmallows, sprinkles, and cocoa – served piping hot. For this date there is no such thing as too much! A good nostalgic hot chocolate, like the one grandma used to make, is the ultimate hot winter beverage to bring along a romantic stroll through the snow.

  1. Baking session

Turn Christmas baking season into a fun afternoon date. Get out the ingredients and go wild as you recreate all of your favourite childhood holiday treats. Decorating gingerbread men can be fun, especially while enjoying rum and eggnog! 

  1. Couples DIY

Got things you need to do round the house? Little improvements and small project that you’ve been putting off can easily be turned into a couples afternoon activity. Get your tools out, get the job done, and then show your appreciation in whatever manly way you deem appropriate. 

  1. TV series marathon

Put on your onesie, grab some snacks and your favourite blanket, and then snuggle up for an afternoon of Netflix and chill.

  1. Host a house party

For young relationships, hosting a evening get together with your combined friends is a great way to blend social circles. For long-term couples, it’s the opportunity to get friends out of their winter fortresses and indulge in memories and reconnect with old friends. Make it more fun by going with a theme party. Go all out with décor, snacks, drinks and planning; make it a real couples project.

  1. Workout

It’s dangerously easy to pack on the weight during the winter months. Rich foods and high calorie drinks, combined with lazing around isn’t good for the summer body you worked so hard for. Refresh you gym routine and make going to the gym together part of your daily routine. It’ll keep you motivate and accountable to each other. You’ll also look great and feel better.

  1. Build a fort and mull some wine

Unleash your inner child and build a fort in the living room. Don’t think of the average excuses for forts that passed in your childhood. Think epic love nests with pillows, throws, fairy lights, and music. Make a love den and spice it up with delicious mulled wine.

This winter, keep the spark alive in your relationship and pull out all the stops to create some incredible memories for you and your loved one!

Have your own ideas how to keep your relationship strong this winter? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

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