Trim or Shave?

Advice from adult entertainer, Wesley Woods.

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This article was published on November 27th, 2016

Trim or shave? Advice from gay porn actor, Weasley Woods.Body hair is one of the more heated conversation topics in the gayosphere. Love it or hate it, whatever your preference, there are important things to consider when deciding what style to go with. So, should you trim or to shave?

Shaving is seen as the general go to for manscaping, but recently there has been a move away from totally bald to neatly maintained and selectively styled down there, pubic hair. While for some, hairless is the only way, but for others, it’s a definite no.

“Hair is sexy, it’s what separates men from boys – I prefer not to spend time in jail,” said adult entertainer, Wesley Woods, in an exclusive hair-down-there interview with HomoCulture. “We are meant to have hair. Unless you are hardcore holding onto your twink phase its time to embrace your impending maturity and grow out that mangarden.”

When it comes to hair management, there is an on-going debate on the benefits of trimming vs shaving. The difficulty is that each approach comes with its own pros and cons and so it really comes down to personal preference.

Shaving gives a smoother finish but doesn’t last very long. As well as the potential for razer rash, which is never a good look, and the regrowth between shaves not being the most appealing or comfortable of looks there are solutions.

“If you shave, do it regularly,” explains Wesley Woods. “No one likes stubble. I once thought I loved a man, then I realized he shaved.”

The best advice Wesley Woods gives is to trim, never shave; unless it’s your shaft, which you should always share, regardless.

Trimming, while not leaving the smoothness of shaving, does have aesthetic appeal to keep a more maintained and consistently smooth finish. Wesley Woods is right that hair does make the man. It’s a more masculine and mature look than the smooth hair free alternative.

Remember to have the right tools in place for perfect downstairs upkeep. A good set of small scissors and a new sharp razor or electric trimmer are essential. Your razor should be new and sharp sharp; a dull blade will result in shaving bumps and razor burn.

There are so many different ways to style your hair. You can go for a faux natural to keep your natural style, but tidied up, or boy briefs which is another play on the faux natural but shorter to keep stray hairs within the briefs area, or the ever popular, or the ever so flattering lions mane – removing all the hair from your testicles and the base of your shaft but leave it on the upper pubic region to really enhance your package.

Pubic hair is on its way back into fashion and its all about the art of manscaping. The best advice is to trim where possible, shave the shaft, and at all costs – avoid stubble.

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