Incase Icon Slim Pack for fashionable professionals on the go

Awesome, sexy, sleek, and stylish.

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This article was published on November 29th, 2016

Finding the perfect manbag can be a nightmare, it can be almost impossible to find something that is simultaneously practical, stylish and convenient. Until now that is. Enter the Incase Icon Slim Pack. Incase is one of the worlds leading designers of backpacks, bags, and accessories, and their Icon Slim Pack is just the pinnacle of an ideal bag, especially for busy, fashionable professionals on the go.

Incase Icon Slim Pack

Incase Icon Slim PackFor starters the bag looks great, its simple, chic and a little bit different. It’s smart enough for professional use but could easily be used casually, perfect for doing city errands. Where it really excels however, is in its amazing range of features.

It has a faux-fur lined laptop pocket, which can handle up to a 15” MacBook Pro. The lining keeps it from being scratched while also protecting it from bumps and impacts. You’re iPad/tablet has also has a separate slip pocket, as does you’re smart phone – again this pocket being faux-fur lined.

There are hip pockets on both sides, which can easily be accessed when wearing the bag, perfect for storing those items you need easy access to, like your passport, Nexus card, receipts, etc. One of the greatest features of this bag is that one of the hip-side power pockets also integrates a cable port, which allows you to access a USB charger inside the bag, so you can charge up your phone on the go, so convenient! The main compartment is more spacious and is perfect for carrying flat items like documents, whilst the secondary compartment is ideal for holding all your tech accessories like chargers, cables, a mouse etc.

Incase Icon Slim PackThe whole bag is top-loading, it has a padded carrying handle which makes it very comfortable to carry in hand and the shoulder straps are also padded and adjustable making it incredibly comfortable and ergonomic. One of the greatest annoyances about wearing backpacks is the ever so attractive back sweat patch it can create, worry not! The Incase Icon Slim Pack once again, has you covered. The padded mesh back panel is specifically designed with channels to increase airflow and thus reduce sweat.

Finally, with heavy-duty zippers and durable nylon construction, this bag really is built to last. But once, buy right.

You can get this bag for under $150. It really is a must-have. It’s awesome, sexy, sleek, and stylish. It’s the kind of bag that every business professional on the go needs. You’ll love it.

Incase Icon Slim Pack

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