10 essential home bar tools

The essential tools you need to become a mixologist in your own home.

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This article was published on December 6th, 2016

10 essential home bar toolsImagine getting in from a long day at work, kicking your shoes off, hanging up your jacket, and heading to your very own home bar, stocked with everything you need to make the perfect drink. Sitting back with an expertly muddled mojito or a handcrafted, perfectly balanced gin and tonic is more than possible. Sadly, too often this dream fails to become a reality because you don’t have the necessary tools to hand. You should have these 10 essential home bar tools to create your dream drink. Here is the ultimate list of everything you need to equip your home bar.

  1. Bar Spoon

The most underestimated tool of any bartender! Its uses are endless, from stirring to measuring, layering to garnishing you will not regret investing in a couple of good quality bar spoons. 

  1. Jiggers

An essential part of any home bar toolkit, make sure your measurements are perfect with accurate and stylish jiggers. Get a complete set with a single shot, double shot and different wine measurements for everything you need to make perfectly handcrafted drinks.

  1. Ice/whiskey stones

Perhaps the most underestimated part of any home bar, these go in your drinks and impact the flavour of your drink. When making ice, only use clean, filtered water; never directly from the tap. In a pinch, you can always use bottled water for your ice cube trays. Only use fresh ice; like everything else in the freezer, it will go bad over time.

For the drinks you don’t want to dilute, invest in whiskey stones and make sure they are always kept in the freezer, ready for use at any moment.

  1. Glassware

There’s little point in investing in the tools and ingredients to serve drinks in the wrong glassware. Have at least a basic array of white/red/sparkling wine glasses, tall, short, tumbler and a few highball glasses to hand.

  1. Blender

For margaritas, daiquiris, Bellini’s, and blended cocktails, a good blender will instantly boost your drink selection and expand your cocktail repertoire. It especially comes in handy during the long, hot days of summer.

  1. Cocktail shaker

A staple of any home, a good shaker with an integrated strainer is always a good choice. Consider how easy it is to clean when making your selection! Stainless steel is a good way to go. If you’re looking to step-up your game, go with the Boston shaker; a glass and tin cup combo.

  1. Muddler

A good muddler will allow you to effectively release flavours in the bottom of a glass, a vital tool for any mojito. It will also allow you to experiment with other flavours by providing you with a new method of mixing. Wood is traditional, but a stainless steel one can be thrown into the dishwasher.

  1. Strainer

A good strainer is the difference between serving a drink with pulp, leaves, and ice chunks, and one that is smooth and clear. It’s the go-to for any cocktail that requires a dash of ingredients that you don’t necessarily want in the final product; a strainer is a must!

  1. Waiters friend

The single, greatest and most versatile bar tool. Make sure it has a bottle opener, a blade for wine bottle packaging, and a corkscrew. It looks stylish and showcases wine opening skills. It is a classic choice for a reason. Just make sure you can use it before trying to impress someone at your next gathering.

  1. Peeler

A good peeler is indispensable for fruit embellishments and citrus twists. If you can get one with a grater that’s even better! Zing up any drink with a dash of citrus peel.

The next time you come home, desperate for an after work drink, enjoy being able to make whatever you like, exactly how you want it with all the necessary tools to hand, just like the mixologists make at your favourite mixology bar. Just make sure your bar is well stocked.



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