How to create the ultimate circuit party outfits

Circuit party outfits need to be well thought out and planned, executed with style, risk factor, and finesse.

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This article was published on December 13th, 2016

circuit party outfitsCircuit parties are incredible, massive events and festivals where music, friends, entertainment, fashion, and debauchery converge creating an epicentre of the gay social scene. Circuit party producers are always coming up with new and innovative ideas, setting new, higher standards, resulting in amazing, over-the-top themed events which results in attendees wanting to wear the most elaborate outfits. Circuit parties are where gay men show off their incredible bodies and showcase outrageous, revealing, and fashion-forward looks. Circuit party outfits need to be well thought out and planned, executed with style, risk factor, and finesse.

Jeff Vance, Colorado’s top gay event producer, along with his squad, are famous in the North American circuit party scene for epic group costume themes. With his years of experience, and a house full of outfits and accessories, he is a respected authority on circuit party costume advice and tips on how to take your circuit party outfits to the next level. Simplicity is the key.

“The biggest part of any theme party is the costuming,” explains Jeff Vance. “The first things I do when trying to nail down a costume are to Google image search the theme. There have been so many great costumes done before you. It’s really easy to find something that inspires you to go in a direction you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.”

Once you have your circuit party outfits planned and sketched out, it’s time to start creating. Your outfit needs to fulfil its purpose of making you look fabulous while simultaneously not ruining your night.

“I’ve seen so many costumes over the years that look amazing for pictures but are completely useless on the dance floor,” Jeff Vance said, recounting some of the costumes he has seen worn at various circuit parties and events he’s produced and attended over the years. “Paint that sweats off, pieces that you can barely move in, a rogue staple that ends up tearing gashes into your neck at the after hours. Function over form is the name of the game.”

circuit party outfits

When it comes to costumes, it’s easy for the budget to quickly spiral out of control. From custom designed and handmade outfits, to expensive accessories, outfits can become incredibly elaborate and expensive. But it doesn’t have to break the bank.

“Two words: Amazon Prime,” exclaimed Jeff Vance, giving his best advice to avoid breaking the budget. “You can find nearly anything you can think of for cheap and get it to your door in two days; I can’t imagine costuming without it.” Think carefully about what you need, plan it down to a the last detail, then go online to find the best prices for everything you need to pull together your perfect circuit outfit.

circuit party outfits

Group circuit party outfits are always popular for making a big impression. Done right, coordinated outfits are fun, bring friends together, and make the party environment come alive. The key is making sure the entire group is comfortable with the costume theme idea, from the very beginning.

“When picking a group costume, make sure it’s simple,” explains Jeff Vance. “Not everyone is going to want to glue five hundred crystals to a helmet, despite that probably being an amazing look. Don’t get me started on the most muscled guy of your group proposing a jockstrap and face paint idea. If it can’t work for everyone’s body then it’s getting a real quick veto.”

To make sure everyone is looking their best, keep in mind coordinated doesn’t necessarily mean everyone has to look exactly the same. Costume themes can have personal twists, colour schemes, and matching accessories rather than 100% similarity.

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Guys are already starting to plan and book their circuit party stops for 2017. This means all new costumes, fresh ideas, and fierce looks. When you purchase your event tickets and book your flights and accommodation, it’s the time to head to the drawing board to begin working on the many, many outfits you’ll need.

Do you have some helpful tips on creating amazing circuit party outfits? Leave your comments below.

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