2017 Ford Escape SE: perfect for the city dwelling weekend warrior

A great choice for both the city and serious off outdoor weekend adventure!

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This article was published on December 15th, 2016

The new 2017 Ford Escape SE has proved popular with the fans of the compact SUV. A fusion of a compact vehicle, combined with the power of an off-road vehichle, which Ford is well know for, is a tricky balance; however, when done right, as with the 2017 Ford Escape SE, it becomes an incredible cross-over vehicle that suites many lifestyles. The Ford Escape SE is a great choice if you need a vehicle for city driving, but also able to keep up with your weekend, off-road adventures.

2017 Ford Escape SE

The basic model packs a revised 1.5l engine, which can produce 145 horsepower. It can be upgraded to a 2l engine, which can produce an even more impressive 180 horsepower. For a powerful vehicle, it is surprisingly fuel-efficient. The automatic stop/start makes it an average of 5% more fuel efficient than its predecessors. It still uses a manual ignition key and has a CD player, which feels out-dated; however, they certainly aren’t show stoppers.

2017 Ford Escape SE

The black wheels make the Ford Escape SE look slick. There’s a ton of cargo room, a huge sun roof and heated seats. Enhanced parking assist comes standard, so parallel parking is easy; you control the speed and the car steers for you, all at the push of a button.

2017 Ford Escape SE

While the vehicle looks similar to the 2016 model, where the 2017 Ford Escape really shines is in the technology. The 2017 Ford Escape has been equipped with the latest version of Ford’s Sync Connect Technology. This has revolutionised smart car relationships and enables owners to remote start, lock and unlock, check fuel and receive vehicle reports (such as oil changes), all via an app on their smart phone.

2017 Ford Escape SE

In addition, you can connect your iPhone via the USB charger and get a scaled version of your phone on the touch screen making it super easy to use! You can read and reply to text messages with minimal distraction, using the touch screen and Siri-style voice commands. The only draw back is the entertainment screen could be bigger and a more dynamic; however, the Apple integration really takes the car to the next level.

2017 Ford Escape SE

The 2017 Ford Escape SE is a great looking car, incredibly fun to drive, and packed full of fun and useful technology features. It’s a great fusion vehicle for city dwelling weekend warriors!


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