10 up-cycling and repurposing interior design ideas

Customise your home exactly how you want it.

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This article was published on January 2nd, 2017

In the never ending quest to be individual and innovative with interior design, and to create a home that is both ahead of the style curve and reflecting of personal style, it can be easy to overlook the simplest yet most effective of ideas: DIY furniture, décor and designs. The hottest trend in interior design is up-cycling and repurposing. Taking existing items and updating them is a cheap, environmentally friendly, incredibly on trend, and a fun way to create additions that will make any home look incredible and totally unique.

Need inspiration? Here are ten amazing ways to re-use items to make your house look amazing.

10 great up-cycling and repurposing ideas

  1. A Ladder bookshelf

Get a ladder, any ladder will do. Strip it, paint it, beat it, and paint it. Attach some brackets and screw it horizontally to the wall with about a three-inch gap from the actual wall. Use it as a unique, fun and quirky way to store your books.

  1. Book shelves

A twist on the above, get beautiful old leather bound books, attach brackets to them and screw them to the wall as gorgeous, vintage-esque floating shelves.

  1. Shabby Chic your furniture

Got some tired old wooden furniture? Strip it, paint it, sand it off to look worn, and then add vintage style handles, knobs and hinges to give it a new lease of life!

  1. Tennis racket mirrors

Get old vintage tennis rackets, replace the strings with mirrors and hang on the wall, use two or three to create a really unique looking wall feature.

  1. Bathtub sofa

Got an old bathtub lying around? Know where to procure one? If you have a beautiful looking old style bathtub, painting it in a pastel or egg shell colour and cutting the front half off can give you the start of a fabulously quirky sofa. Fill with cushions and attach some legs for a living room centrepiece that’s bound to attract plenty of attention!

  1. Funky flowerpots

Old boots, trash cans, water bottles, handbags or cooking pans – the possibilities are endless! Give your garden a makeover with some super unique, one of a kind plant pots.

  1. Fun light fittings

Upside down teacups, bowler hats and wine bottles all make great lampshades, let your imagination run wild and create stunning chandeliers and light fittings out of everyday items.

  1. Imaginative wall hooks

Artfully bent cutlery, antlers, and clothes pegs screwed into the wall make super fun and eye catching coat hooks.

  1. Pallet furniture

Perhaps the most common among the coffee shop dwelling urban hipster is the advent of pallet furniture, but with good reason! There is so much you can do with simple wooden pallets, from coffee tables and chairs to shelving units and flooring, get inventive and let your imagination roam free!

  1. Collage furniture

Who says furniture has to be plain or painted? Pick a theme and go mad with collage! Vintage vogue pages, bright comic books, plane tickets or even just shopping receipts all look gorgeous when carefully collaged onto select pieces of furniture.

Not only environmentally friendly but good for your home, creativity and style, up-cycling and repurposing both provide you with the means through which to bring a whole new fresh innovative style to your home. They give you the freedom to customise your home exactly how you want it rather than leaving you to the whims of interior and furniture designers.

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