Exploring puppy play with Pup Amp

“Puppy play is a role-play, first and foremost," says Pup Amp.

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This article was published on January 4th, 2017

Exploring puppy play with Pup AmpPuppy play is a form of role-play which involves a ‘pup’ and a ‘handler’. It can take on many forms, depths, and levels, and it can be interpreted in many ways. To get a better understanding of what puppy play is all about, HomoCulture caught up with the hottest pup in adult entertainment, Pup Amp.

“Puppy play is a type of animal role play wherein someone takes on the head space of a dog/pup/wolf/animal in an attempt to get out of the normal stresses of everyday life and play,” explains Pup Amp. Contrary to what the name implies, pup play has nothing to do with bestiality, the purpose isn’t about simulating sexual acts with an animal “Puppy play is a role-play, first and foremost”.

Puppy play is an incredibly popular fetish, and interest in the role-play lifestyle is growing quickly. Having moved into the mainstream fetish world, there are several large communities to be found.

Exploring puppy play with Pup Amp

“What makes puppy play so popular is the welcoming, no judgement sort of community that it is inherently,” said Pup Amp. “It celebrates being different, but being part of a community where you are you at your most pure form.” The growth in popularity is largely down to the gentle nature of the fetish, puppy play is “one of the most playful of kinks and a wonderful gateway into the kink community that doesn’t require tons of education or safety concerns outside of being respectful.”

If you are interested in puppy play but don’t know where to begin Pup Amp recommends doing some research to understand what it is all about. As with all sexual exploration, take the time to learn what it is you are interested,

“There are tons of books online like ‘Woof! Perspectives into the Erotic Care & Training of the Human Dog’ and more recently ‘Bark!’ a great book by, Justin St. Claire,” said Pup Amp. “There are YouTube channels and videos that talk about kink and animal role play; you might try the Watts, The Safeword YouTube channel for instance” And if you want to get involved as a new pup, “the only real words of wisdom I have: be open and forthcoming in the community. Be safe and always play with consent, be informed and most importantly, have fun!”

Once you know what you want to do and where you want to go its time to get the gear!

Exploring puppy play with Pup Amp

Exploring puppy play with Pup Amp“The gear doesn’t give us the want or interest to be a puppy, and doesn’t form our personalities and connections with others with play with,” explains Pup Amp, meaning that your apparel is unique to you and the role you want to play. While there are many options available, i.e. tails, hoods, collars, paws etc. none of them are necessary. Puppy play is a fetish that is personal and you should discover your own puppy persona and explore gear that best suits you.

“The first pointer I usually give is to be outgoing and approachable,” advises Pup Amp when it comes to finding a master, handler, and partners to play with. “If you’re looking for any sorts of play partners, go online, join the online message boards on Fetlife, Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook. Join the Recon and Scruff dating apps and be honest about what you’re looking for.”

If you think puppy play is for you, try connecting with like-minded individuals. Of course, safety is important, especially with something as sensitive as a fetish.

“Transparency goes a long way when finding truth-worthy play partners online, don’t over share; but only do so, so long as it is safe, you are careful about what you tell random strangers, and you’re not in any sort of situation that could out you in a negative way for jobs, living or awkward family situations,” suggests Pup Amp.

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