The definitive guide to day drinking

How to day drink like a champion

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This article was published on January 12th, 2017

Who doesn’t love a cocktail, or six, with brunch, a few beers on a sunny afternoon, or passing the day with a long lazy wine filled lunch? For many, day drinking can have unwanted side effects. Evening hangovers can ruin the rest of the day. In order to ensure you have the best possible chance of making it through the day, and entering into the evening like a day drinking champion, follow our definitive guide on how to day drink like a pro.

Step 1: Avoid the bottomless booze brunch

A boozey brunch may be great if you don’t need to power through the day, but a bottomless brunch is about a marathon, not a sprint. Pacing yourself is vital. With each alcoholic beverage have a glass of water. Have bacon and eggs to line your stomach for a solid day of drinking; avoid carbs which will just fill you up and bloat you.

Booze brunch

Step 2: The afternoon happy hour

The best thing about daytime drinking is the cheap daytime prices! Head to a hot spot with great people watching, awesome price, and a chill atmosphere. Live music is always a winner, sports is a decent consolation. At this point the aim is to relax, let your libations go down and gear up for the next step. Get involved in rounds to ensure you only need to go up to the bar once, yet have a steady stream of drinks, opt for something weak like beers or single mixers and avoid food! Don’t waste stomach space or make yourself drowsy.

Happy Hour

Step 3: The outdoor patio stage

Sandwiched between the evening and the afternoon happy hour is the period when you head outside to a patio and pretend you are on vacation. This is when the drowsiness from brunch is properly worn off so you need something livelier. Think cocktails at this point, enjoy watching people walking past and living their ordinary and mundane lives while you pass away the hours enjoying a variety of brightly coloured, sweet and sugar high inducing beverages. This is also the time to have a little snack, top up your stomach lining with a sharing style food. Tapas are a perfect, but any greasy bar snacks will do – wings, nachos, fries etc.

Happy Hour

Step 4: Dinner

You should, at this point, be lightly buzzed, not finished. Enjoy the buzz, relax about the consumption rate, let yourself go, and enjoy! Use this time to prepare for the morning though, to avoid a mega hangover, make sure you up your water intake – try to have one glass with each drink and top up with extra glasses. Eat fresh fruit, complex carbs and protein. As tempting as a bar dinner can be, go for something that involves fresh, whole foods; your body will thank you in the morning!

steak and wine dinner

Step 5: Home

At this point it is vital to get home. You have consumed enough alcohol to calm an angry rhino, and that is exactly what you risk becoming if you don’t make a hasty exit. You have mastered daytime drinking, quit while you are ahead and avoid becoming the drunk one later on by enjoying your victory and bowing out while you are ahead. Get home, drink a couple of glasses of water, choke down some vitamins, and go to sleep!


Now you have the definitive guide to day drinking like a champion. The least attractive thing anyone can be is too drunk; it never has been and never will be a good look. Pace yourself, top up on snacks at least once between meals, and drink plenty of water. If you feel yourself getting too drunk to quickly have a round of water.

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