The real sexy gay men you want are at Sin City Shootout not circuit parties

Stop being intimated at circuit parties and start meeting real guys that you’re actually attracted to and not afraid to talk to, at Sin City Shootout.

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This article was published on January 21st, 2017

Circuit parties are notorious for catering to pretentious gay men with washboard abs and attitudes that are less than desirable. It’s old, fake, and uninviting. If you’re looking to meet real guys, who are approachable, fun, and more like you, an average gay man, then Sin City Shootout is the perfect event for you!
Sin City Shootout Soccer

Sin City Shootout is the largest, gay, multi-sport competition in the world with over 9,000 athletes competing in 24 different sports over three days. Held each year in Las Vegas over the MLK weekend in mid-January, the event has become one of the most popular events on the gay calendar. It’s a magical blend of LGBT athletes, sport, Las Vegas action, and fantastic nightly celebrations.

How is Sin City Shootout different?

Circuit parties attract and cater to gay men who are obsessed with achieving the perfect, muscle-clad body, through unhealthy dieting, hardcore gym routines, and a concoction of vitamins, supplements, and injections. The circuit scene is fueled with unrealistic physical expectations and enough drugs done each day to bring down every elephant, rhinoceros, and hippopotamus in Africa. It creates an unwelcoming and intimidating environment for the average gay man, especially when most gay men have body image issues to start with.

You’re going to find a completely different kind of crowd at Sin City Shootout, and you are going to fall in love with them. The event is filled with incredibly sexy, fun, and friendly LGBT athletes. Playing sports, especially team sports, teaches teamwork, cohesiveness, encouragement, inclusion, and sportsmanship. Naturally, Sin City Shootout attracts a crowd of guys that are social and wanting to meet and connect with other like-minded athletes.

8-packs not required for this party!

Being gay athletes, the Sin City Shootout crowd are fit and healthy, but not at an intimidating level, like the circuit scene. These guys play sports, like to keep active, and tone up at the gym. Generally, they eat a healthy, well-balanced diet to help fuel their active lifestyles; however, they also enjoy kicking back with friends over a few beers at the end of the gay day. What does this mean? Most guys have above average bodies, but they aren’t sculpted to perfection; they are real, just like you, and if you take care of your body, but maybe have some imperfections, you’ll find in just fine.

Sin City Shootout Thursday Night

Social inclusion

You won’t every be surprised when you constantly have hot guys coming up to you and asking “What sport do you play?”. It’s not a pick-up line, in most cases; they genuinely want to meet you and are interested in talking to you about your sport, where your from, and your personal interests. It’s authentic and genuine conversation that is refreshing and welcomed in gay culture.

Sin City Shootout 2017

Wanna grab a beer?

The Sin City Shootout crowd loves to get together to have a beer or cocktail. It’s not about hardcore drugs, at all. It’s just not the scene. Sure, there will be the odd few that will pop a few molly’s or drop some ‘G’, but for the most part, Sin City Shootout guys just want to have fun drinking, not party.

Sin City Shootout Charlies Bar

It’s a different scene

While circuit parties boast incredible DJ’s that pound out beats to keep drug-induced partygoers moving for events that go for days at a time, Sin City Shootout is a much different environment. Guys who go to Sin City Shootout are there to complete in a sport tournament, which means they aren’t up all night consuming drugs because they know they have to get up in the morning and need to be ready for a full day of competition. However, this doesn’t mean that these boys don’t like to have fun, because they do!

In addition to spending the weekend with friends and competing for medals, nightlife is another big highlight. The Sin City Shootout organizers have done a fantastic job at offering options that cater to different types of social settings.

Sin City Shootout medals

Thursday night kicks off with a casual night at a local bar. It’s the perfect social setting for the early arrivals to get to know each other in a fun, comfortable social setting.

Friday and Saturday nights offer different options. Take it easy and keep things casual by playing the tables and enjoying the lighter social scene at the Tropicana casino; it’s where everyone naturally congregates throughout the day and into the night. For a bit more fun, there are official events at a local bar, offering dancing, drinks, and a chance to get out to a more social environment.

The CockyBoys at Sin City Shootout 2017

Go all-out for a complete nightclub experience at the official nightclub party, where, unlike circuit parties, guys actually keep their clothes on (well, except maybe the go-go dances), and aren’t wearing crazy harnesses, so you’ll be comfortable all night long.

Sin City Shootout Friday Night

The weekend wraps up on Sunday night with a giant closing party at a mega-club. It’s where the entire Sin City Shootout community comes together to celebrate a fantastic weekend of fun, meeting new friends, and sharing incredible experiences together. If you want a circuit-style experience, then this is it. This is the one chance over the weekend where, if you’re into it, you could shed your shirt and sport your leather harness.

Sin City Shootout Closing Party

It’s easy to make friends.

All throughout the day there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people. Athletes are the most social type of people and are incredibly welcoming. As soon as you walk into the host hotel, the Tropicana, you’ll feel the energy and camaraderie. You’ll meet new friends while at the hotel check-in, on the elevators heading to your room, playing blackjack in the casino, on the shuttle bus to the sporting competitions, waiting for your Starbucks order, and even during one of your many meals, including at the incredible buffets, and of course, drag brunch at Señor Frogs. Yes, unlike the circuit crowd, which would never be caught eating for fear of social shame and judgment, the Sin City Shootout gang love to eat; they need to fuel their bodies for a day of action-packed competition.

Senor Frogs drag brunch Las Vegas

Are you going to be able to find a hook-up?

Hook-ups aren’t a gamble at Sin City Shootout. Sport brings out the natural endorphins in the body, which increases the sex drive. Combined with a few beers throughout the day and into the evening, there are plenty of guys that will be looking for extra-curricular physical activities. It’s pretty easy to find an attractive guy that is looking for a quick hook-up before heading to a game or after an evening out with the team. It’s easy to sneak away from a group to meet up with a guy; the key is to find someone who has a room available. What’s more is that there isn’t an intimidation factor of expecting to have a perfect body when you take off your shirt and drop your pants; you’re already sexy enough just for being you. Remember to use safer-sex practices and be respectful.

Sin City Shootout poker chips

Should you go to Sin City Shootout next year?

Absolutely and without question! If you’ve tried the circuit scene and didn’t fit in, but you do play sports and want to meet other like-minded guys, then Sin City Shootout is for you. Even if you’re not involved in an organized sport team it’s still a great opportunity to meet guys that are.

Welcome to Las Vegas sign

The best advice is to stay at the host hotel, the Tropicana. It’s where the welcome reception is held, where almost all of the athletes will stay, and where the shuttle busses pick-up for sporting and nightlife events. It’s best to book early and through the event website, so you get the best rates. Plus athletes also receive complementary entry into all the official nightlife events and receive 20% off food and non-alcoholic beverages at participating restaurants in the Tropicana.

Start talking to your team now and get them excited to compete at Sin City Shootout! You’re going to love it!


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