Resistance of the Cheeto

The current president receiving this resistance to the cheeto at every turn is a good thing--here's why.

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This article was published on January 28th, 2017

As the grand master Cheeto, a.k.a. the new President of the United States (mentioning his name just gives him free press and that’s how we got into this mess in the first place; derogatory names will be used throughout this article so as not to increase his viability or send algorithms skyrocketing) is settling in to his first week of his shit show presidency, he has had a lot of adversity facing him from the get go. He who must not be named is facing scrutiny from the news, from women, from the left, from the right, from half of the nation, and from places around the globe. The current president receiving resistance at every turn is a good thing. Here’s why: America and the world are finally waking up.

Resistance of the Cheeto

What started as a women’s rights and equality march in Washington, DC, the day after the presidential inauguration evolved into a worldwide phenomenon in which millions of people: men, women, gay, straight, children, seniors, etc. marched on all seven continents to counter the orange one. Los Angeles saw 750,000 people march without a single arrest. The numbers in DC range from 500,000 to 3.2 million. From Antarctica to Australia and in between, folks gathered to protest the newly elected American regime. Senator Bernie Sanders has staged pro-health care rallies around the United States that have drawn hundreds of thousands. The Dakota Access pipeline being granted access to finish has spawned a new insurgency for climate change, states’ rights, and Native American rights that has lead to marches and protests across The United States. An LGBTQ rights march as already been scheduled for June 11, 2017.

Some might ask: Are these marches a good thing and are the protests actually making a difference? The answer to both is: yes. The Hairpiece is a megalomaniac and demagogue whose blatant ignorance of any and all bad press on himself only to claim it is an “alternative truth.” These marches are not only a slap in the face to the orange one and his ego, they are also reiterating the message that people are not happy with his control over the American government. The marches in places like Berlin, Sydney, and Singapore tells their governments that the citizens of these countries are not comfortable doing business with a totalitarian States of America.

Trump women's rights protest in Washington, D.C.

This resistance to the cheeto has also triggered a new grass roots movement to go after each and every lawmaker to get them to counter the new POTUS. Realizing that the best way for citizens to fight the new government that is oppressing them is to use other facets of the government to hinder him, everyday citizens are taking to social media to help one another come in direct contact with lawmakers. This could result in a lot of bi-partisan action happening if democrats are smart enough to reach over the table and ask for help and if republicans are smart enough to turn their backs on the “head of the party”. Democrats technically need only 6-8 republican senatorial votes on their side to block actions and executive orders issued by this president.

All of this translates to hope. The majority of Americans did not want this tyrant in power. The electoral system of the country failed them. But not all is lost. These protests, marches, and gatherings are bringing more and more people together who are standing opposed to many of the drastic changes that this administration wishes to make. These protests are putting a face to the movement and helping add viability to the causes we hold dear. They send a message to lawmakers that many of us are not going away quietly. The resistance to the cheeto is here and ready to fight the good fight.

Not my President. Love Trumps Hate.

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