Power Beats 3 by Dr Dre

The new Power Beats 3 by Dr. Dre are the newest innovation in personal audio enjoyment

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This article was published on February 23rd, 2017

For quite some time now, Beats by Dr. Dre have been a leading source of quality music and entertainment listening enjoyment. Now a new set of earphones are set to blow all previous models and brands out of the water. Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Dre is at it again with the latest and greatest new addition in audio entertainment. The new Power Beats 3, by Dr. Dre, are the sleekest, most compact earphones, featuring advanced quality sound on the market today.

Power Beats 3 by Dr Dre

Amazing sound, comfortable to wear, and fast to charge, the new Power Beats 3 Wireless earphones are audio heaven. There is no set up required. Enjoy instant connectivity with Bluetooth sync and play. These wireless earbuds wrap around your ears and behind your head for comfort, which means you can get active in them; take them to the gym, hiking, or out for a run. These are perfect for traveling on the train, plane, or working out in the gym. A built-in microphone lets you talk and listen while making phone calls through your cellular device.

Coming with their own convenient travel case, the Power Beats 3 wireless earphones are definitely functional over fashionable; they are about as sexy as the new iPhone wireless earbuds, but are way more comfortable and perfect for the traveling active man on the go. The Power Beats 3 are USB cable chargeable. They control similar to a traditional iPhone headset with volume and music controls. Crystal clear sounds and advanced noise cancellation technology are some of the upgraded features to these new headsets.

Want a pair? These are another great technology innovation brought to you by Dr. Dre and available at TELUS. Perfect for pairing up with any smartphone, the Power Beats 3 wireless earphones are the hottest audio advancement of 2017. Power Beats 3 Wireless earphones by Dr. Dre are the best wireless earphones on the market today. Pick up a set at the new TELUS store or order them online at www.telus.com.

Power Beats 3 by Dr Dre

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