Spring Fashion Trends

Here are 5 fashion essentials every gay man needs for their spring 2017 wardrobe.

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This article was published on February 27th, 2017

Florals for spring? How original. Fashion week is just around the corner and spring means hanging up your coat, putting away those extra layers, and stepping into some stylishly forward attire. Here are five spring fashion trends you need to be on top of to knock your style outta the park and into the season.

  1. Bandanas – Jean Paul Gautier must have done something right considering one of his original looks is back in style. Forget the decades old hanky code, bandanas are the most versatile (pun intended) accessories you can own. Tie one around your neck like the famous designer, throw a nod back to Rosie Riveter with one around your head, or wrap one around your wrist or hair like the karate kid. Bandanas are in!

  1. Leather/Italian Dress shoes – A staple of every fashionista’s wardrobe is excellent shoes. We all love a good hightop, but if you can pull off a nice leather pointed shoe with jeans or slacks, you’re golden in 2017. With a pseudo ‘50s nod, nice dress shoes are becoming more and more of the rage these days. Can men finally be able to compete with women in the cute shoe department? With nice dress shoes, the answer is: yes.

Italian Dress shoes

  1. Bowties – While absolutely nothing new, the bowtie is still reigning supreme as one of the must haves of the season. Wear with a short-sleeved button-up, and you’ve got California casual conservative down to an art. Worn with a blazer, suit coat, or tux jacket, and this little neck adornment immediately dresses up any ensemble. We recommend buying real ones, not clip ones, even if it does mean studying a YouTube video to learn how to tie one.


  1. Skinny cargo pants – Yes, cargo pants died a long slow death back in the late nineties to most men with a pulse who aren’t archeologists or carpenters, but these bad boys have come back around in a new way that is making us want a pair immediately. Welcome the skinny cargo pant. No longer the big baggy nasties that they used to be, skinny cargo pants are typically coming with tapered skinny elastic at the ankles these days. Skinny cargos can be worn casual with the ankles hiked up just below the knee or with a nice sweater for a night on the town.

Skinny cargo pants

  1. Leopard-print anything – No longer just for your Russian neighbors, leopard is back and bigger than ever in more than just a Boogy Nights kind of way. Leopard shoes, leopard bracelets, leopard shoes… leopard print may bring a bit of nostalgia to some that wear it. Other’s look at it as a nod to the animal kingdom. Whatever your flavor, leopard is sure to add some wilderness to your fashion sense.

Leopard-print jacket

These are our top five of the newest spring fashion trends for the gay male heading into this season. What do you think are the newest trends? Did we nail it on the head, or have we committed the ultimate faux pas, Andie Sachs?

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