Tips for buying your first sex toy

Smart advice for people who have never bought a sex toy.

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This article was published on March 8th, 2017

Ever thought about using sex toys? Whether with yourself or with your partner, adding spice to your sex life is as simple as buying your first sex toy. There is something for everyone when it comes to toys, from different varieties, shapes, materials, ideas, kinks, genres, and fetishes. Here are some tips and tricks for guys who are new to the world of sex toys.

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What’re you into? Figuring out what really gets you going isn’t always easy. So, start basic. Are you a bottom that wants a dildo? A top looking for a FleshJack? A role-player looking for a mask? Spanker looking for a riding crop? Masturbator looking for a cock ring? Really anything can be a sex toy. You just have to figure out and admit what you’re into.

Start small. Don’t buy the biggest butt plug that comes your way just because you like it in the ass. A small vibrator can be just as effective at getting you off. Trying something leather? Start small to guarantee you’re into the fetish. Start with loose ropes before handcuffs. Buy thinner, shorter, and in single quantities, then work your way up. You can always expand your interests later. Just be careful not to hurt yourself along the way.

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Always remember: quality over quantity. Shell out the bucks for the more life-like feeling material. Make sure it is made of materials that you are not allergic to. Guarantee that your lubricant of choice works with the toy and its material. Most importantly, purchase toys that are easily cleanable and able to stand up to many uses and cleanings.

When buying your first toy visit a sex shop so you can hold toys in your hand to know how they feel and what they will be like with you using them with your body. Sometimes seeing toys “in the flesh” helps you get a better idea of what they are capable of and how they would feel when being used. If you do not have a sex shop near you, there are lots of online retailers who sell sex toys at reasonable prices. There are lots of great brands out there, but the best online stores for sex toys are The Stockroom and Fort Troff.

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Lastly: Don’t be scared. About trying something new, or what others might think. Sex toys are a safe, healthy way to indulge in sex. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, do research, and venture into the unknown. You just might find what your sex life has been missing.


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