Dig in to Sunday roast at Chop House in Edinburgh, Scotland

The best place for Sunday roast, hands down.

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This article was published on March 9th, 2017

A visit to the United Kingdom wouldn’t be complete without authentic and genuine culinary experiences. Sunday roast is a sacred tradition. If you’re not familiar with the cultural phenomenon, you could be missing out on one of the absolute best meals of your life. It’s a traditional dining experience, served between lunch and dinner. When in Edinburgh, Scotland, the best place for Sunday roast, hands down, second to none, is Chop House. It’s one of the best eating experiences you will ever indulge in.

What is a Sunday roast? A traditional, main meal—mostly served early to midday on Sundays—the Sunday roast is a dinner consisting of roasted meat, roasted potato, and several other accouterments such as vegetables, gravy, stuffing, and the famous Yorkshire pudding. In the U.K., it is often served midday, after lunch, but before dinner. It’s the primary meal of the day of rest, and is still often consists of a single, large meal.

There is no better place to find an exquisite Sunday roast than the beautiful, trendy restaurant Chop House, located off the Royal Mile in the heart of Edinburgh. Easy to get to, Chop House is an upscale carvery serving up a spectacular traditional roast beef and Yorkshire meal and the best Sunday roasts in the United Kingdom.

Reservations for Sunday Roast dinner at Chop House are recommended. Chop House’s Sunday roast comes with creamed horseradish, au jus roast dripping gravy, potatoes, greens and peas, and roasted roots (parsnips and carrots). Plan to order a few glasses of wine or local draft beer with your meal as they come complimentary with your food.

Sunday roast at Chop House is an incredible and delicious experience bursting with flavor sensation. For all you foodies out there, this is a must visit restaurant. Be sure to include Chop House on your trip to Edinburgh and Scotland for the best Sunday roast in the UK.

Dig in to Sunday roast at Chop House in Edinburgh, Scotland

Looking for more culinary adventures in Scotland? Check out the Visit Scotland website. You’ll find all kinds of great ideas and suggestions to help plan your trip and get you prepared for a culinary adventure of a lifetime!

Have you had an amazing Sunday roast in the U.K. that absolutely cannot be missed out on? Leave your recommendations in the comments below.


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