7 easy spring cleaning tips and DIY ideas

7 easy tips to help you clean house this spring.

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This article was published on March 11th, 2017

Don’t look at it as spring cleaning; look at it as annual re-organizing day. Keeping your home tidy is important, but who has the time? After a wet, dreary fall, and a long, cold winter, it’s time to tackle spring cleaning head on. Here are seven easy spring cleaning tips and DIY ideas for freshening up your home this spring.

  1. Bring some life into your place. But don’t necessarily make it a pet: animals require and deserve attention, love, and a multitude of things. Keep it low key with a nice plant. Worried about killing it? Even a nice succulent will make a difference. Plants give off oxygen and make the air cleaner.
  1. Speaking of cleaning, one of the best ways you can freshen up your world is by cleaning it. Get out the duster, the vacuum, the scrub brush, and bleach your abode to a new luster. A great way to further clean your pad is by following tip number 3:
  1. Throw stuff out. Get rid of shit! In a world of consumerism, we have far too many things in our lives that we never use. Start small. Donate some clothes you haven’t worn since college. Have a yard or garage sale. Downsize and reap the benefits.
  1. A new coat of paint can make all the difference in the world to freshen up your home life. Colors have been proven to affect our moods, and taking the initiative of adding some new color to your life will be a drastic change for little cost. Just don’t forget the sexy smock!
  1. Get a lover. Spring is around the corner and now is no better time than ever to ask that cutie you’ve been lusting after for a while out. What does a new main squeeze have to do with your home? Everything! New wardrobe, new towels, new appliances, new sheets…often having a significant other in our lives can be the kick in the ass we need to actually want to make some changes in the first place.
  1. Feng shui-it. A great way to realize your living space’s fullest potential is by reading up on some Feng shui, the Chinese philosophy of harmonizing everything within your environment. Room positioning and re-configuring can make all the difference in the world in giving your home the spring makeover it deserves.
  1. Make a dramatic change. Don’t watch that TV often? Think about selling it or giving it away. Buy a new couch. Rearrange all the furniture. Rip out all the carpet and install wood floors. Put away everything that isn’t completely necessary for sustainability. Change the entire feeling of your home. You’ll realize that big changes can often yield amazing results.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Do you have a brilliant spring cleaning tips or method that you use year after year? Leave your comments below so others can share in your success!


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