Queer artist Red Martinez’s releases new EP, Love and Empanadas

Red Martinez released his third EP, "Love and Empanadas".

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This article was published on March 27th, 2017

2017 is shaping up to be a year of new good music. Up and coming queer artists, like Velo, are making waves for themselves, and Red Martinez is definitely one to watch out for. Red Martinez has just released his third EP Love and Empanadas.

Originally from Providence, Rhode Island, Red Martinez is a rapper force to be reckoned with, having a huge following on the east coast. His newest record is a great follow up to his previous two EPs, The Insane Disco and Dance Floor Candy.

According to Martinez, Love and Empanadas is, “about different ways of dealing with heartbreak or a relationship unfolding. As anyone in the LGBT community would gather, we as gay people go thru having a boyfriend or girlfriend for a while then after the relationship ends we have different ways of reacting to it.”

Featuring four tracks and a bonus one, Love and Empanadas is a fun EP with heartfelt moments of lyric brilliance alongside funky beats.

“Ugly Cryer”, the opening track, is an upbeat song with lyrics hinting of an ex full of “broken promises and game ‘I love you’s'”. The lead single and second EP track, Nothing 2 Me”,  according to Martinez, “is a campy yet straight to the point (song)about being completely over someone who was once there in every sense and shows you can go from 0 to 100 quickly.”

The third track on the album, “Trade”, is a “radio sound” track featuring lyrics full of “laughs and giggles along the way, showing that just because your lover is your lover it might have been a good idea to keep it as just a friend with benefits.”

The fourth song, “All Up N My Feelingz” is Martinez offering “a no holds barred tongue lashing revolving, more around of much more angry feel.” The song, based on a true story contains lyrics of the situation when “We’re Done, and Let Me explain why.” The final track features Boston Artist Nancia’s soulful vocals. “All Up N My Feelingz” gives his audience a more Hip-hop sound is an original standout track from the EP.

The second single from the EP is a bonus track at the end of song 4 called “Mirror, Mirror”. Martinez explains that “Mirror, Mirror” is “simultaneously about feeling fabulous and loving every inch of your body no matter what size, color or gender.”

Support gay artists! Check out Red Martinez’s newest EP Love and Empanadas on iTunes, Amazon, and your local music stores today.

Red Martinez's newest EP Love and Empanadas


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