In De Waag: classic meets modern eatery in the heart of Amsterdam

A culinary must-try restaurant while visiting Holland.

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This article was published on March 30th, 2017

In the heart of Amsterdam, in the oldest non-religious building in the city, is a gem of a restaurant waiting to welcome you to the capital of the Netherlands. A restaurant geared for visitors, In De Waag is a culinary must-try eatery while visiting in Holland. In De Waag mixes old world ambience with modern convenience in a fabulous historical setting.

In De Waag

In De Waag, translated to “In the weigh house” is housed in De Waag, a castle like structure built in the 1480s as part of the gates to the city of Amsterdam. Now, over 500 years later, De Waag stands sentinel in the heart of Amsterdam’s Chinatown and Nieuwmarkt, where the city rarely sleeps and the neighborhood is rife with culture.

In De Waag

Young Dutch waiters flutter through the restaurant as the over 300 candles that light the eatery flicker about. But don’t let the exterior and decor fool you, In De Waag is a full smart-tech restaurant. It has the spirit and feeling of traditional Dutch restaurants, but with a very modern feel to it. Orders are placed over smartphones, tableside, and sent to the kitchen digitally.

In De Waag

Famous for having some of the best eggs Benedict in the city, the food at In De Waag is always exquisite. All guests are greeted by warm bread with olive oil, accompanied by salted butter, to start. For starters, try one of their exquisite appetizers, like their warm mustard soup, made with whole-seed mustard. This creamy soup, with bits of pickled beets and strong hints of vinegar, packs an acidic punch of deliciousness.

In De Waag

In De Waag has gorgeous main dishes like the steak, which is always prepared to order. Well aged and full of flavor, the steak does lose a bit of its luster with the potato and leek sauce; however, it is served on a nice bed of shredded leeks, with a fantastic roasted carrot. The beef main brought out all the natural sweetness. Restaurant-style fries, fried deep in grease, a tribute to the rustic methods of cooking of centuries gone by, make for the perfect side.

In De Waag

With its expansive terrace, stunning architecture, and historic location, In De Waag is a perfect place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Classic, but with a modern feel, In De Waag offers rooms for events and groups, too. When visiting Amsterdam, be sure to visit this famous and delightfully delicious café and restaurant. In De Waag is a must-see eatery for anyone hungry for a new culinary experience.

In De Waag

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