Strutt your stuff at the Strut Walkathon

June 3, 2017 marks the 4th annual Strut Vancouver walkathon, with proceeds benefitting the Foundation of Hope, who sponsors queer refugees.

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This article was published on April 22nd, 2017

The world can be a scary place, but there are plenty of people out there trying to make a difference. In over 75 countries, being homosexual is still a criminal offense. However, there are groups here at home doing what they can to combat the hate, including raising money for advocacy and support. Many of the lgbtqa refugees that are escaping persecution and fleeing to Canada need help safely coming to Canada and integrating into a different way of life, completely different language and culture. The Foundation of Hope in Vancouver is hosting its annual Strut Walkathon on June 3, 2017, to raise money for assisting LGBT people, queer refugees, and newcomers.

The Foundation of Hope raises funds and provides financial assistance to Canadian charities actively aiding and helping lgbtqa refugees and immigrants. The first of its kind in the world, The Foundation of Hope is a registered Canadian charity operated by volunteers. Their mission is to “enhance the lives of LGBT newcomers and their families through financial support to Canadian charitable organizations working directly with asylum seekers, refugees, and newcomers to Canada, both nationally and internationally.

On June 3, The Foundation of Hope will host their annual fundraiser, Strut Walkathon along Sunset Beach at English Bay, Vancouver. With the slogan: “A Mile in Heels is Easier than a Lifetime in the Closet”, Strut is a walkathon featuring sponsored drag, straight, genderfuck, and full on fashionista models, and normal people as they strut their stuff down the runway of Beach Ave and Sunset Beach to raise money for the Foundation of Hope and queer refugees from around the world. Known for its walker’s elaborate costumes and outlandish drag and gender bending outfits, Strut is in is 4th year as the main fundraiser for the Foundation of Hope.

Strut has been a fundraiser of the Foundation of Hope since 2014 and annually raises hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you have been seeing the atrocities on the television and in the news and have been worried about your fellow lgbtqa sisters and brothers, you can help—if you want to do something about it. Strut staff are now accepting volunteers, walkers, and sponsors. Walkers are now able to register and collect pledges. Financial contributors support grant acquiring and provides for the arrival and integration into Canadian society.

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