Pink Pillow: rest your head at gay-friendly hotels in Berlin

The Pink Pillow program helps you find gay-friendly accommodation in Berlin.

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This article was published on April 23rd, 2017

As if you didn’t already know this due to having seen the movie Cabaret a bunch of times or having marathoned through every episode of Sense8, Berlin is an extremely gay city and is often a trendsetter in LGBT rights. Visiting the German capital is a bucket list location for gaycations, and knowing where to stay is vital for any gay person traveling abroad. Berlin is the only city in the world with an LGBT-certified program, run by hotels, to accurately identify hotels that are LGBT friendly, through a dedicated charter. It’s called the Pink Pillow program.

The Pink Pillow Program is the name of this collective group in Berlin, consisting of 63 participating hotels in and around the city. Each individual hotel must agree to the 5 charter points to be part of the program. Every hotel has signed an agreement to:

  1. Treat guests with the same dignity, courtesy, and respect.
  2. Contribute actively in social project involving the LGBT community.
  3. Create a work environment of respect and tolerance to all people, including lgbtqa people.
  4. Offer their guests information about the lgbtqa scene and happenings.
  5. Participate in visitBerlin’s semi-annual lgbtqa information days.

The Charter and membership in the Pink Pillow program and collection goes beyond training and basic treatment by/of a single staff member or purchasing the right to use a logo, like other organizations do. The charter requires hotels to display openly, in the lobby, the Pink Pillow charter, actively participate in one LGBT community program each year, and be committed to supporting the LGBT community by treating everyone equally.

The Pink Pillow project isn’t just about capitalizing on gay tourism, they authentically want to improve the quality of standards of the treatment of people within their city. The Pink Pillow collection of participating properties means involving hotels with one another to make cohesiveness more prevalent within Berlin hotels.

When going on vacation, it isn’t always easy finding the best hotel that fits all of the needs you want in the location you desire most. Now, you have an easy guide to help tell you which hotels are a part of the membership of the Pink Pillow Collection and can easily obtain information to choose between one of the 63 locations in Berlin. Next time you visit Berlin, remember to use the Pink Pillow Program when choosing your next hotel.

Support those that support our community by visiting Pink Pillow website before your next travels.

Pink Pillow Berlin


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