Eliminate Hate campaign aims to destroy anti-LGBT groups

A coalition has formed made up of a group of LGBT advocacy groups aiming to take out anti-LGBT hate groups.

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This article was published on April 25th, 2017

A new organization just announced its formation and has hit the ground running, doing its part to fight against anti-LGBT hate and sentiment. On April 14, 2017, the National Center for Transgender Equality, Media Matters for America, and the Matthew Shepard Foundation launched the Eliminate Hate campaign. The newly formed Eliminate Hate campaign is a new program launched to expose and eradicate hated towards the queer community.

Because of the rising hate crimes against gay people by as much as 20% in the United States during the presidential election, a coalition of organizations has formed under one roof to take direct aim at the sources of hate and go after the perpetrators of violence and hatred in America. Groups like SoulForce, The Equality Federation, The National Center for Transgender Equality, Media Matters, the National LGBTQ Task Force, and the Mathew Shepard Foundation unilaterally launched the Eliminate Hate campaign.

The Eliminate Hate campaign will be an effort to destroy anti-LGBT groups by publically exposing their members and contributors, undermine their operations, and re-directing the hate rhetoric and energy towards acceptance, while supporting organizations that deal with these hate groups. The Eliminate Hate Campaign plans to work with companies and businesses that do business with hate groups and inform them of the consequences of sponsoring hate. A guaranteed media presence exposing these groups will also be a part of the mission, considering most media outlets fail to identity most anti-LGBT group supporting corporations.

Judy Shepard

Judy Shepard, founder of the Matthew Shepard Foundation, whose own son made world headlines in the 1990s when he was brutally murdered and left to die strung up to a fence in Wyoming in a hate crime against him because he was gay, stated:

“For years, [anti-LGBT groups] have spread lies about the LGBTQ community and put the rights of all LGBTQ Americans in danger. Enough is enough. It’s time our institutions – especially the media – start recognizing the extremely corrosive effects of their slander and act accordingly. I have seen first-hand what can happen as a result of hate – and how it feels to have the hate and discrimination people face dismissed or denied.

The Eliminate Hate campaign will work to ensure institutions, organizations, and businesses that lend credibility to anti-LGBTQ hate groups are aware of and accountable for their association with a hate groups. We also implore journalists and media outlets that report on hate groups activity identify their designation, contextualize long-standing extremism, and debunk harmful misinformation used to attack LGBT rights.”

“Media outlets ignore long-standing histories of hate speech, incitement, and misinformation when they fail to label designated hate groups, and instead describe them simply as ‘conservative’ or ‘Christian’,” says Erin Fitzgerald, Media Matters LGBTQ Program Director. “The Eliminate Hate Campaign seeks to ensure that anti-LGBTQ hate groups are not given a megaphone for vitriolic bullying and malicious lies.”

Eliminate Hate campaign aims to destroy anti-LGBT groups

Joined together in their mutual agreement and commitment to protect LGBT people and hold those who do us harm accountable, the Eliminate Hate campaign will increase public understanding through awareness and hold the media accountable for relaying truthful information. The Eliminate Hate campaign is a coalition is dedicated to exposing the growing number of hate groups and provide the tools needed in local communities to fight against the hated of the LGBT community.


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