Head over heels for Belinda Carlisle at White Party Palm Springs

Belinda Carlisle will perform at White Party Palm Springs Tea Dance.

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This article was published on April 27th, 2017

Head over heels for Belinda Carlisle at White Party Palm SpringsIf you haven’t heard the news, the classic 80’s pop diva is back on tour and headlining one of the biggest gay dance festivals on the West Coast. A living legend and gay icon, it was just announced that the one and only Belinda Carlisle is set to dazzle White Party Palm Springs as the headliner of the tea dance at this year’s festival. Heaven will be a place on earth as Belinda Carlisle will perform at White Party Palm Springs 2017.

A performer for almost 40 years, Belinda Carlisle has been entertaining us with poptastic tunes since before we can remember. Originally the lead singer of one of the most successful girl groups of all time, The Go-Gos, Belinda founded the band and remained its lead singer from 1978 through the band’s dissolving in 1985. But the Go-Gos ushered in a new electronic era of pop music that was all written by the band—a first for all-female bands.

The Go-Gos gave us delicious tracks like “We Got the Beat”, “Our Lips are Sealed”, “Vacation”, “Head Over Heels”, and “Turn to You”. Though they have broken up and performed in many reunion appearances together, the Go-Gos actually rejoined in 2016 for a Farewell Tour and have yet to re-dissolve.

Carlisle has had an illustrious solo career as well, having been one of the most sought out and recognizable voices and artists of the 1980s. With her own library of hit songs, including “Mad About You”, “Heaven is a Place on Earth”, “Summer Rain”, “Shot in the Dark”, “Since You’ve Gone”, “Circle in the Sand”, and “Leave a Light On”, Belinda Carlisle is sure to entertain White Party Palm Springs 2017. Although 15 amazing DJ’s are in the line-up throughout the weekend, along with a surprise superstar performance planned for Saturday night’s White Party, Belinda Carlisle’s Tea Dance performance is sure to be a hit—without a single audience member’s lips sealed.

Belinda Carlisle has been an ardent support of LGBT rights through the 80s and beyond when her son came out to her as gay at the age of 14. Admittedly “sexually adventurous” in her youth, Belinda Carlisle has made numerous appearances at gay events, donated thousands of dollars and performed for groups fighting HIV/AIDS, supports gay marriage and lgbtqa equality, has been an outspoken vocal celebrity for lgbtqa rights, and is a resident of the city of West Hollywood.

Belinda Carlisle, gay icon, female front-woman, activist, and pop music legend will headline this year’s Tea Dance at White Party Palm Springs, hitting the stage May 8, 2017. Get your tickets to White Party Palm Springs 2017 today!


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