How to use color to enhance your living space

Tips for selecting colours for your living space.

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This article was published on April 29th, 2017

Are you feeling the lull of spring? Looking for a change in your life to add some spice and shake things up a bit? It’s time to repaint your house and living space with fresh color. Use the power of color to bring your home back to life. Here is what you know about what colors to choose, how to coordinate, and how to have a positive change from painting your home.

How to use color to enhance your living space

While we love and embrace the rainbow, color should be used strategically when interior decorating. A dark brown can turn your dwellings into a cave, while a fiery red can add too much intensity to one living space. Neutral colors like greys and tans can add a soft feeling to your home. Brighter shades like pale yellows, soft greens, and light blues can add an earthy, naturally calming effect to your walls.

Choosing colors that you enjoy and that bring out the best emotions is an important step. Asking yourself what shades you enjoy, the feeling you get when looking at them, and the raw emotions you feel when witnessing each color. You want a color that is going to be soothing, yet different. Bold and daring, but something you’re going to be able to live with permanently on your walls.

How to use color to enhance your living space

A safe bet would be to start with the neutrals. Neutral colors are easy to incorporate other colors with, aren’t overwhelming, and won’t make such a statement that you’ll love or hate it within the week. And just because you start with a neutral, doesn’t mean you cannot still create a stark change to your surroundings.

Balance neutrals with blocks of color. By using the color wheel we learned in art class circa 6th grade, we can determine which shades block together the best. Color blocking is the use, together, of two or more contrasting colors together. Color blocking can have a fantastically modern look to it, while giving you the pops of color you might want in and amongst the neutral colors.

How to use color to enhance your living space

Using color blocking can help accentuate molding and other features on the walls and ceiling. Two and Three-toned colors together call look fantastic if the right colors are chosen together? How does one successfully color block? Again, start with the color wheel. Colors opposite from one another on the spectrum often work great together in fashion and in the home.

Color blocking can be done using furniture and accessories, too. Adding an orange pillow to a grey couch with purple walls gives it a pop of color blocking without going the full Monty. Think of your home as a runway model. Sometimes accessorizing is all it takes for a fashionable ensemble to really come off as a piece of art. The same can be said about your home.

Start with the basics. Try redecorating an office nook by painting a wall and incorporating new throw pillows that are colors from an opposite end of the wheel of which you painted your wall. Start with neutrals and then go bold: combining bright hues with light colors is a dramatic choice that may have you wishing you would have started simpler.

Finally, be yourself. You’re the one who has to live with your color palette and choices. Choosing to revamp your personal space by changing the color scheme is a big step and should be slowly and efficiently. There are lots of ways you can use color to enhance your home. And remember: if at first you don’t succeed, you can always go with a different block of colors to color your world down the road.


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