Kick your feet up at the Mercure Hotel Berlin City in Berlin

On your next stay to the German Capital, book your accommodation at the Mercure Hotel Berlin City.

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This article was published on April 30th, 2017

Planning a trip can be stressful, fun, exhilarating, and complicated. Booking the right accommodation is the single most important piece you want to get right – unless you plan on going renegade, backpacker, hair to the wind style without knowing where you’ll be sleeping at night. In a sexy city like Berlin, where location can make the difference in whether or not you have a memorable trip, you want a great hotel in an excellent locale to make all the difference in your holiday. The Mercure Hotel Berlin City is the best choice for your next stay when visiting Berlin.

Berlin Wall memorial and The Corner.

Located in the heart of the Mitte neighborhood (Mitte literally translates to “middle” in German), the Mercure Hotel Berlin City is in the center of it all, with sites, attractions, transportation, architecture, culture, cuisine, and people all at your doorstep. Outside the front door is both tram and underground transit so you’re fully connected to the entire city on an integrated ground network. For history buff’s and anyone interesting in understanding more about the Berlin Wall era, the Mercure Hotel Berlin City is two blocks from an impressive Berlin Wall memorial and The Corner.

Mercure Hotel Berlin City in Berlin

Currently undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation, the Mercure Hotel Berlin City prides itself on welcoming all guests and being a founding partner of the Pink Pillow program. The Pink Pillow Program is a collaborative amongst hotels in Berlin who are aiming to make travel better for LGBT travelers by working together to uphold standards of treatment towards their LGBT guests and by serving as gay-friendly hotels.

Mercure Hotel Berlin City lobby

When you walk in you won’t find the traditional big front desk. Instead, guests will be greeted by the hotel staff, both friendly and knowledgeable, who will quickly check you in at one of the convenient stations. All staff are fluent in several languages to make your visit to Berlin as seamless as possible.

Mercure Hotel Berlin City restaurant

A 4-star rated hotel, The Mercure Hotel Berlin City offers reasonable rates for a beautiful hotel with plenty of amenities, including on-site parking, rooms with views, and information kiosk. All rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi and air conditioning. The Mercure Hotel Berlin City also offers an impressive complimentary buffet breakfast and has a fantastic bar/restaurant that hosts many live music events throughout the year.

Berlin crosswalk light

As they say: location, location, location, and the best deal in a fantastic area of Berlin is the Mercure Hotel Berlin City. Mitte is the pulse of Berlin and the Mercure Hotel City Centre stands right in the middle of it, waiting to accept you and other guests into its arms to show you a fabulous stay in one of the coolest, most authentic cities on earth. On your next stay to the German capital, choose the Mercure Hotel Berlin City.

Berlin Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Need more help in planning your trip to Berlin? Visit Berlin can help you plan your trip, including the best deals on attractions and getting around with the Berlin Welcome Card!

Güte Reise!

Berlin Wall memorial and The Corner.


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