Please, stop making these fashion faux pas!

Essential tips from stylist Quentin Leonard to avoid embarrassing fashion faux pas.

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This article was published on May 8th, 2017

Fashion trends change just as fast as the weather. Knowing what to wear and how to wear it is essential, especially if you’re looking to dress for success, and to impress. Knowing not to wear white after Labor Day is one thing (depending on how much of a fashionista you really are), but it’s just as important to know what’s hot, and what’s not. Los Angeles stylist and fashion expert, Quentin Leonard, spills the tea on what’s in, what’s out, and tips to avoid embarrassing fashion faux pas.

Boot cut and flare jeans are out: Leave the hourglass shape to our lady friends. Fitted straight leg jeans and slacks are what’s in. Don’t rely solely on skinny jeans. These are only flattering on some guys. Your best bet is to get what pants you have tailored to fit your body. A good tailoring can make or break how a guy looks.

Elastic waistbands: Like the skinny jean, elastic waistbands only look good on Zach Efron, skinny twinks, and built guys with great abs. Even with board shorts. A drawstring waistband is a sexy touch that draws attention to your groin area. Straight button waistbands that fit you comfortably around the waist are best.

Slip on sandals: Unless you’re going hiking in Portland, leave the Birkenstocks and slip on Adidas slippers for professional boxers and Marin County moms. And dear god – leave your socks off it you’re going to grace us with your presents in such atrocious footwear. Ladies can get away with a lot more than men; leave the slip sandals for them. Try, instead, a basic roman sandal or plain Jane flip flop.

Bent/rounded baseball caps: You’re no longer in the Midwest, sweetie. That trucker hat, bent-brim farmer look is good for the blond haired, blue eyed 6’3″ boy next door from 2008. This is 2017 and the flat brim is back. The skater/gangster look is in, whether it’s a throw-back to the 90s or just shaking it up a bit. Keep your hat the way you bought it, with a flat front. Hats are cute and totally in style, if you know how to wear it. Advice: don’t bend the brim, bro.

Khakis and polos: These shouldn’t even have to be mentioned. Unless you are a Best Buy or CarMax employee, you should never even combine these two anymore. Ever. Why companies reverted to this look in the 80s is unknown, but this hasn’t been a cute look for well over a decade. If you have to don this attire, untuck the shirt, put on a blazer, or throw in a snazzy belt, which are all in style. Other than that, life shouldn’t have to look like a GAP commercial.

Bare midriffs: Now to be frank, I love a good bare midriff. The nod to the 80s on a hot muscle guy with a washboard stomach is an uber gay choice of a bygone era where fashion was outrageous. But by god, you betta have one hellova good body to rock a cut off t-shirt. And it betta be a cute as shit bare midriff. Then, and only then, is this a forgivable fashion choice. So, it betta look fierce, darling, or else leave the 80s where they belong: in the past.

The biggest fashion faux you can make is being self-conscious about the fashion choices you make, what you wear, and who you are. Fears and self-doubt are only our own and in our heads. Nowhere else. We are individuals and each of us have our own unique beauty. Once we embrace and truly love ourselves, we glow. No matter what we wear, we look great when we glow. So, don’t be self-conscious. Be bold. Be you.

Essential tips from stylist Quentin Leonard to avoid embarrassing fashion faux pas.


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