5 sports gay men should try, at least once

Find your inner gaythlete.

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This article was published on May 11th, 2017

Some gay men think that they can’t play sports. In reality, that’s not true. There is an inner gaythlete in all of us, if we just dig deep enough. While you may never be a gay professional athlete, compete in the Olympics, or just watch sports on TV, there are plenty of reasons to begin to learn and play a sport. Here are 5 sports gay men should try, a least once in their lives.

Figure skating: Ok, ok. It’s the gayest possible sport any queen can think of, but haven’t all of us gay boys envisioned at some point in our youth of being reigning ice princesses in glitter and silk, all to the tune of “Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing or Kylie Minogue’s “Locomotion”? There’s nothing gayer and sexier than a homo with thighs of steal, in Lycra tights, dancing up a storm on three-inch single-blade ice-stilettos. Ice skating is a great work out and an even better date night, with or without hot chocolate and hand-holding.

5 sports gay men should try, at least once

Soccer: Every gay man should get into soccer if for no other reason that soccer players are the hottest athletes in any sport. Those legs. Those asses. Their spry dance-like movements in and out of the bedroom. But soccer is also the most popular sport in the world and one of the easiest to follow: watching hot guys run their asses off in defense of their perspective goals, is never boring. Meanwhile, soccer is a great cardio workout that does involve a lot running, eye-foot coordination, and endurance. There are lots of gay leagues all over North America for soccer players to choose from

Beach Volleyball: The ocean (or lake). The sun. And getting a nice tan, while getting a workout? Beach volleyball is great for seaside city dwellers and gays looking for some vitamin D while exercising. Volleyball is great for cardio, arm and leg strength endurance building. Half-naked hot guys running around always helps things.

gay beach volleyball

Kickball:  Your favourite (or worst nightmare from your youth) childhood sport is back, and no longer just for kids. With adult sports leagues turning us all over the country, including several gay organizations like Varsity Gay League in California to Stonewall Athletes in New York City, adult kickball is having a comeback in a big way and many leagues have been credited with creating a social subculture in the gay community that involves athleticism, competition and comradery, versus alcohol and the bar scene that often infiltrates gay culture. Most leagues play outdoors, so working out under the sun and in fresh air are added bonuses.

gay kickball

Tennis: Smacking a bunch of balls around with a partner with a racket…what could possibly go wrong? Tennis is great for building bicep and triceps muscles, not to mention all the running from side to side that tennis players do. Tennis is great because it can be played indoors and out, and by yourself, with a partner, or in teams. The short shorts that have appeared on several celebrity and professional male players as part of their uniforms are a fashion choice is gays would like to see more of.

gay tennis

Honorable mention:

Wrestling:  You’re in tights griping, grabbing, and flipping another man over. Sometimes in the mud. Sometimes in grease. But is there any sport that is more homoerotic than wrestling? Wrestling seems like a sport most of us could wrap our legs around.

gay wrestling

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