Satisfy your sweet tooth with Tasty Tours Toronto

Try satisfying your sweet tooth on Tasty Tours Toronto’s Ultimate Chocolate Tour.

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This article was published on May 13th, 2017

Whether you’re looking for the perfect, unique date idea, or an activity to explore new and fun foods, Tasty Tours Toronto is a food lovers dream come true. Tasty Tours offers gives you the opportunity to try different types of delicious food with a fabulous experience. The award-winning food tasting tour company has an extra-special chocolate tour that is meant for anyone with a sweet tooth, and is a must for anyone living in, or visiting Toronto.

Toronto, Canada

Tasty Tours Toronto’s Ultimate Chocolate Tour is a 3-hour food tasting tour specifically designed for chocoholics. You’ll visit 6 different stops tasting different types of chocolate and learning how chocolate is made. The tour starts with an explanation of where chocolate comes from and how it’s made. Followed by a demonstration on how to properly taste chocolate: like wine or fine alcohol tasting, there is an art. You’ll learn about the two types of chocolate. European style and raw, followed by visits to the following six locations to indulge in and learn more about this sweet treat.

Soma chocolate on the Tasty Tours Toronto Ultimate Chocolate Tour

Soma: Soma showcases the bean to bar experience. This establishment, started in 2003, serves European Style Hot chocolate, chocolate bars, chocolate gift packs, and chocolate shots. It’s heaven.

Death in Venice Gelato: Gelato is a healthier option than ice cream because there’s less milk fat and more air incorporated. Death in Venice Gelato uses only local Toronto region-based products. They use lots of honey and maple syrup to keep it clean and healthy, along with fresh fruit in the summer and fall, to vegetables in the winter and spring.

Japanese Kit Kat bars featured at Sanko Japanese mini mart on the Tasty Tours Toronto Ultimate Chocolate Tour.

Sanko: Sanko is a Japanese mini mart. It is Toronto-famous for their imported Kit Kat bars. They carry up to eight varieties of Kit Kat bars at any time, including sake flavored.

Nadege has 26 flavors of chocolate featured at Sanko Japanese mini mart on the Tasty Tours Toronto Ultimate Chocolate Tour.

Nadege: Nadege has 26 flavors of chocolate, one for every letter of the alphabet, from almond to zest d’argume. Their chocolates range from milk chocolate to dark chocolate. Fun flavors include Pop Rocks, parmesan, and wasabi-ginger. All their chocolate is made in-house in the traditional French style.

Le Dolci: Le Dolci is famous for being featured on the Food Network’s Sugar Showdown, well-known for making David Suzuki’s birthday cake, and for creating the engagement cake for The Property Brothers. Le Dolce makes custom made cakes by artisans, sculptures, and architects. They also teach over 30 different pasty classes.

Hand made chocolates at Odile featured at Sanko Japanese mini mart on the Tasty Tours Toronto Ultimate Chocolate Tour.

Odile Chocolat: Odile Chocolat has handmade, specialty chocolates. All their chocolates are made with ingredients that are canned or fresh. From rose pedals to truffle to ice wine, cardamom to walnut honey, they offer exquisite flavors and varieties of chocolate.

Tasty Tours Toronto Ultimate Chocolate Tour is a great way to meet people on your travels, see new neighbourhood, and try new restaurants. All while satisfying your sweet tooth. On your next visit to Canada’s largest city, try Tasty Tours Toronto Ultimate Chocolate Tour.

Need help planning your trip to Toronto? Tourism Toronto can help you ‘see Toronto now’ and plan the perfect itinerary, including the Tasty Tours Toronto Ultimate Chocolate Tour, the CN Tower, and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Aquarium. There are plenty of activities in Toronto to keep you busy.


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