President Trump: the first 100 days and the impact on the LGBT community in America

Donald Trump’s presidency and its impact on the lives of LGBT Americans has everyone talking.

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This article was published on May 15th, 2017

President Trump completed his first 100 days in office, and it has been a tumultuous time, to say the least. Many are left wondering how their lives will be affected by this drastic change in leadership and the political spectrum in the United States. Donald Trump’s presidency and its impact on the lives of LGBT Americans has people talking.

Starting with his cabinet picks, Trump hit the ground running by appointing perhaps the whitest, most bigoted people that he could of to his administration. Politicians that have openly and repeatedly fought against gay rights advancements like Rick Perry and Ben Carson. Mike Pence repeatedly signed anti-LGBT legislation as governor of Indiana and can single-handedly be credited with spreading an AIDS epidemic in his home state. Trump himself removed federal protections for gay government employees in an executive order and does not support same-sex marriage. 

The President’s supreme court pick, Neil Gorsuch, is an ultra-conservative who supports ‘religious liberty’ legislation. He is famous for having sided with the conservative Christian family that owns the company Hobby Lobby in the 2013 Burwell vs Hobby Lobby case among other conservative decisions in cases that he issued. A right-wing republican added to the bench means the United States supreme court is now dominated by conservatives. The future of trans rights, bathroom laws, marriage equality, abortion right, contraceptive rights, AIDS health care, and so-called religious liberty laws are all topics that the United States Supreme Court can and will likely decide in the near future.

Recently, President Trump signed a ‘free speech and religious liberty’ executive order. This order, among other things, allows churches and other religious institutions to donate to political organizations and retain their tax-exempt status. This executive order changes a previous IRS law preventing churches from contributing financially while remaining tax-exempt. It also gives way to religious institutions to potentially harming the LGBT community by either bankrolling anti-LGBT candidates or discrimination.

Trump’s first 100 days in office means a heightened sense of mistrust in the government and a fear of what has yet to come. Is it a call to arms, or a glimpse as to what the United States will evolve into in the future? It is time for all Americans to fight against the regime, in solidarity. One thing is for sure: President Trump’s first 100 days in office have been interesting, to say the least.

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President Trump: the first 100 days and the impact on the LGBT community in America

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