May is Masturbation Month

Time to explore new possibilities in self-pleasure.

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This article was published on May 17th, 2017

May is masturbation month, meaning it is time to rekindle that love affair you’ve always had with… yourself. Self-sex is the safest sex you can have; you can get it on with you as much as you want. But don’t just rely on Rosey Palm for satisfaction. Switch it up in celebration of solo outtercourse. May is masturbation month, and it’s time to explore new possibilities in self-pleasure.

Start with you.

What are your fantasies? What really turns you on? If you had to sit and meditate on what it is that gets you off, what would you come up with? The first step towards better self-pleasure is recognizing what does and does make you hot and bothered. Ditch the regularly scheduled porn and use your dirty mind to come up with something wicked to make you cum.

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Set the scene.

Do you want to masturbate in the bathtub with candles? Rose pedals in your bed? In a public pool? At an abandoned construction site? Where you choose to do the deed can give you a better result, depending on what you’re looking for, and where.

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Treat yourself.

Get out the scented candles and soothing bath bomb. Eat a piece of sensual dark chocolate. Grab and extra pillow. And get that vibrator you’ve always been wanting. Do what it takes, even if a little bit extra, to guarantee you are as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

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Expand your tickle trunk.

Picking up one or two pieces of new weaponry, aka toys, can take your pleasure levels to new heights. Toys are a fun way to switch up your solo sex life. Start small. Try a FleshJack or a realistic dildo. Each will give completely different experiences for your self-pleasure time. There are many different shapes, sizes, kinds, and varieties of toys to choose from that your options are endless. From slings to anal beads, urethral wands to nipples clamps, to hand cuffs, dildos and butt plugs. There will be plenty of toys to pleasure every part of your body.

May is Masturbation Month

New sheets.

Nothing is sexier than slipping into a bed with fresh, crisp sheets. A new set of sheets can help add a fresh pop into the bedroom to awaken your sexual urges. Plus its probably time you got ride of the old silicone lube-stained sheets that have seen more tricks than a circus act.


Masturbation month is a great time to add to, or update your underwear collection. Underwear can be fun, slutty, kinky, or sexy. It can get you in the mood for foreplay with yourself. A jockstrap or g-string protects your genitals differently than normal underwear. Even briefs can help add snugness and material rub that can get you going. Luxury underwear can make you feel sexy at the office as you cruise down the halls or while sitting at a boardroom meeting, and best of all, no one will ever know.

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Try something different.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Look a different types of porn. Try anal insertion if you’re mostly a top. Try a FleshJack if you’re normally a bottom. Video yourself getting off so you to watch later. Whatever it is that you do, switch it up! Continuity is boring. Shaking things up in your masturbative sex life could make the difference between a flaccid session and a self-sex surprise of discovering you like something different.

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Ready. Set. Orgasm!


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