8 masculine home makeover tips

Does it feel like a unicorn just vomited a rainbow in your house? Then you need a masculine home makeover.

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This article was published on May 20th, 2017

Does your home need a desperate makeover? Does it feel cluttered, random, and missing a theme? Does it feel like a unicorn just vomited a rainbow in your house? It’s time to redecorate and make your home less gay-boy and more manlier with these 8 masculine home makeover tips.

  1. Figure out your style. What kind of man are you? Bright and flamboyant? Dark and brooding? A mixture of both? Your home is a direct reflection of you as a person. Having an idea of where to start or a direction you’d like to head in helps.
  2. Simplify everything. Nothing says “cluttered” like a bunch of random shit everywhere. Donate old furniture and clothes. Take that old Tarantino movie poster off your wall. Clean off flat surfaces. And try your best to be minimal. In other words, do some spring cleaning. Good solid masculine decorating is simple and appears effortless.
  3. Choose darker colors. Dark wood, dark paint, and dark decor all give off a hint of manliness that bright colors just don’t seem to grasp as well. Darker shades provide a cool, classic, cave-like atmosphere. Kick it back to your prehistoric routes and go with dark hues.
  4. Reconsider the flamboyance. Gayness doesn’t have to be thrust in your guests’ faces the second they walk into your place. The fluffy pillow and mini naked Statue of David and just fabulous. But maybe butch it up a bit.
  5. New bedding. A nice new duvet cover can change the entire look of your bedroom and help you go from hero to zero in the masculine department in no time. Again, try simple patterns or one dark colored duvet for an immediate magic trick of a bedroom change.
  6. Bring on the plant life. Adding plants to your pad provide fresh air, demand responsibility, and green hues to add a natural, serine feel. Ferns and succulents are great, easy-to-start-with additions of life that will immediately enhance your home.
  7. Change your window wear. Ditch the standard white plastic blinds. Bamboo blinds are a fun, masculine option. Or try new curtains. Windows are the natural source of light in the home, and how you frame them can completely change the look of your home. If the carpet matches the drapes…
  8. Leather. For gay men, it shouldn’t be hard for hard to incorporate the favorite fabric of homos into the home. A dash of leather throughout your home gives it a butch, western feel while proving a bit of warmth. An Aiden from Sex in the City armchair, a leather lampshade, or a nice leather-bound book on your coffee table adds a dash of manly to your now perfectly redecorated man cave.

8 masculine home makeover tips

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