Knichki Pichki: new adult gay coloring book takes Europe by storm

Knichki Pichki is an adult coloring book designed for gay men.

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This article was published on June 1st, 2017

Knichki PichkiArt can be subjective. Art is also therapeutic. A new cultural phenomenon has seen adults looking for ways to decompress, chill out, and de-stress, even if it means reverting to childhood pleasures. Take the coloring book: sales of adult coloring books have skyrocketed and it has become more than just a craze of yuppies wanting to be trendy. The coloring book’s resurgence means great news for people like Martin Dzhackov, whose adult gay coloring book is currently taking over European bookstores. Made for gay men, Martin Dzhachov’s adult male coloring book, Knichki Pichki, has gay men returning to their roots and coloring inside and outside the lines of convention.

Knichki Pichki is a beautiful adult coloring book by Bulgarian artist and painter Martin Dzhackov, who lives and works in Paris, France. Knichki Pichki is a coloring book of provocative male designs, mostly erect penises. In a time where adult coloring books have become super trendy, for relieving stress and reliving childhood memories, Knichki Pichki is circulating the gay bookstores around Europe and has become an instant cult phenomenon with gay men.

Knichki PichkiWith candy stripes and color art that makes it look like some kind of nod to Picasso, Knichki Pichki was released in January of 2016 and has seen complete success since its debut. With original designs and illustrations created by Martin Dzhackov, Knichki Pichki is more than just a coloring book for gay men. Dzhachov’s art within the book is exquisite, beautiful, and often made to look like tiled mosaics so that the purchaser of the book is getting more than just a bunch of dicks to color in.

Knichki Pichki is a celebration of the male anatomy in a classy, tasteful collection of illustrations. A gay man himself, Martin Dzhachov, who originally hails from Belgium, is an artist, painter, and fashion designer, having sat at the head of his own Dzhachov fashion house since 2010 and is a graduate of the National School of Fine Arts in Paris. In creating Knichki Pichki, Dzhachov wanted to create the world’s first adult coloring book “entirely dedicated to male beauty”. In true European fashion, Dzhachov has succeeded in giving the world penis art while keeping it classy.

When feeling stressed or in need of a break, think about kicking it back to your childhood and picking up a copy of Knichki Pichki today. Coloring books have been proven to reduce stress in adults. Toss in male genitalia to the mix, and the gays come running. Knichki Pichki, by artist Martin Dzhachov, is now available for purchase online, if you’re in Paris, find it at La Musardine, or by contacting Martin Dzhachov by email.

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