8 tips on how to care of your jeans

Treat your jeans right

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This article was published on June 6th, 2017

8 tips on how to care of your jeansMost people take possibly the greatest advancement in fashion in the last 150 years for granted. Everybody loves a good bottom, but what about the bottom half of our wardrobe? In the time of rompers, short shorts, and onesies, it might be easy to forget the single greatest item in the closet: jeans. Everyone owns a pair, and they are a staple of wardrobe. For such an integral piece of our clothing collection, most folks know little about jeans, and even less about properly caring for them. Here are some tips on the best way on how to take care of your jeans to keep them looking good, smelling like new, and for showing some TLC towards your blue jeans.

  1. Don’t wash them every time. This might sound a little gross, but a reality is jeans lose their strength and durability over time. Washing your jeans over and over again and after every use can expedite this depreciation process much more quickly than if you, say, were to wash your jeans every other wear or less. Obviously, you can do the standard “crotch sniff test” to make sure your pants aren’t too worn for the wear, but if you must wash them, consider hand washing and air drying. This will preserve the life of your jeans by a long shot.
  2. Wash in cold water with like colors. Hot water can strip the durability of the denim and make your jeans fade much faster. Washing in similar dark colors will help preserve the look and feel of your jeans for a longer time.
  3. Turn your jeans inside out before washing them. Doing this will also help preserve the color and shape of your jeans. Turn your jeans back right side out when drying, preferably by hanging and air drying. Dryer heat can damage your jeans elasticity.
  4. Avoid bleach and other harsh soaps. Certain detergents can shorten the life of your jeans by stripping the bonds that hold the fabric together. Avoiding fabric softener can also prolong the life of your dungarees.
  5. Avoid Dry cleaning. The chemicals most dry cleaning services use can strip the binding fibers in jeans and deteriorate the structural integrity of your jeans.
  6. Spot clean with a scrub brush, soap, and water. You’re actually better off spot treating your jeans versus submitting them to another full washing in the washing machine. Most jeans are durable enough to be able to stand several spot cleanings before they need to be fully re-washed.
  7. Avoid wearing belts. Finding a pair of jeans that fits you perfectly is the right way to go, versus depending on a belt to hold them up. Belts stretch jeans permanently and wider and can leave your belt loops forever widened.
  8. Try placing your jeans in the oven or freezer to remove odors. Bacteria can gather as a result of dead skin cells clinging to your denim. Freezing your jeans overnight or placing your jeans in the oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes can help kill the bacteria, thus removing the smells.

These 8 tips will help you care of your jeans right, so they will look good, smell like new, and will last a long time.


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