Moony Moonshine

Moonshine, once illegal, is now a key ingredient in many signature cocktails, including the Moony Moonshine.

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This article was published on June 16th, 2017

Moony MoonshineMoonshine, as we know it today, has had a sordid past but is being re-introduced into the world as a high-quality, high-proof spirit worthy of re-exploring. Originally, moonshine was the name given to any homemade, high proof liquor produced without government authorization, and therefore, illicitly. Often made from corn mash, Moonshine is seeing revitalization in which distilleries and breweries taking the craft out of the deep mountains to create legal moonshine made from a plethora of quality ingredients, with consistency, quality, and regulatory control.

Originally alcohol that was created at home using simple ingredients, moonshine was first created as a result of the American Prohibition that banned all alcohol sales with the United States. Now, moonshine creators and distributors are perfecting the recipes and reviving the tasty spirit. Moonshine is a great stand-alone spirit, and can also be a perfect addition to cocktails, like the Moony Moonshine. Using Apple Pie Moonshine combined with ginger ale, the Moony Moonshine is a delicious summer cocktail full of history, rebellion, and an ironically smooth taste.

  • 2 oz. Apple Pie Moonshine
    4 oz. quality ginger ale

Build cocktail in a mason jar with ice. Stir, and garnish with a slice of green apple.

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