Through the looking glass insertables [Contest]

The new wave of enhanced sex play.

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This article was published on June 17th, 2017

It’s always important to keep your sex life fresh and exciting, even if you’re only masturbating. If you’ve ever thought about buying a sex toy, try something previously unconventional. The wave of the play toy future is glass all the way. Switch up your sex play game by incorporating some glass insertables into your toy chest.

Blue Helix glass Insertable from The Stockroom.

When most people think of sex toys, they immediately think of rubber and latex. But glass toys are threatening to take over the market due to attributes that set them above the aforementioned materials. There are lots of benefits of using glass insertables. They are durable, easy to wash and care for, and easy to store away. Shatterproof glass ensures purchasers that they aren’t dangerous and aren’t going to break. Glass toys can be used with any type of lube, too.

Sun Plug glass Insertable from The Stockroom.

Unlike other toys, glass insertables have different ways you can use them, and not just in switching up orifices. Warming them up in a pot on the stove, under running warm water, or heating them in the microwave for 20 seconds, can give glass toys a realistic body temperature feel and can be the most comfortable way to try them. But freezing them and keeping them chill can provide a completely different stimulation that can only be felt with glass insertables.

Blue Helix glass Insertable from The Stockroom.

Another great feature of glass insertables is their shatterproof glass. This means they aren’t dangerous (you won’t have to worry about them breaking and slicing your rectum open), and, they can be used with any kind of lubricant. This also means they are extremely easy to clean. Pore-less glass means glass insertables can be washed in the dishwasher or with regular dish soap and a sponge. Hip-hip horray for hygiene!

Sun Plug glass Insertable from The Stockroom.

Glass insertables require cleaning after every use, and you’ll find it easy to clean and store away. The only other care needed is storing your glass insertable in the protective cloth case it came in.

Blue Helix glass Insertable from The Stockroom.

If you’re looking to get your first insertable, try the Blue Helix Tip Rocket (reg $49.00USD), from The Stockroom. It’s simple, sleek form makes it easy to insert and The Stockroom provides several different sizes for the beginner to the novice.

For more advanced play, try The Stockroom’s Sun Plug (reg $25USD). Stretch, pop and lock this solid mass of glass, for extra fun.

The Stockroom’s Blue Helix Tip Rocket and the Sun Plug are both part of the Summer Solstice Savings, running June 15-27, with up to 50% off select splash proof, glass toys, restraints, and more.

The Stockroom Bent Glass DiltoContest:

Have you always wanted to try glass insertables? Now’s your chance. HomoCulture is giving away a Bent Dildo (reg $22.99USD value), from The Stockroom to one lucky winner. Enter now for your chance to win. To enter, leave a comment below explaining what kind of glass insertable toy you want to try most.

Contest closes at 5:00pm PST, Sunday, June 25, 2017. One random drawn winner will be notified on or before Friday, June 30, 2017. Read the complete contest rules.



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5 thoughts on “Through the looking glass insertables [Contest]

  1. Jared G

    I’ve always wanted to try a glass toy since a friend showed them to me years ago. A ribbed dildo looks like it would be amazing and smooth versus the resistance of rubber or latex.

  2. Andrew L

    I’ve never used glass before but have always wanted to give it a go! Plugs are always fun but that bent one looks like it’ll hit the spot ;P Plus they’re pretty!

  3. Cody B

    I’ve kinda delved into glass toys. Glass toys are interesting, for sure. Although I’m not super crazy about the ribbed ones, I could see a smooth glass dildo being something that I could get into because of it’s smooth texture and the comfort factor associated with it. If you don’t own at least one glass toy, then you’re missing out.

  4. Rick Renaud

    Wouldn’t mind trying some of these they all look interesting though, especially the Blue Helix